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18 months today

eighteen months today

While never writing a letter to either of my cherubs before, I feel this is something so simple, so symbolic and so memorable. I want to definitely do more. One day my little man may read this. One day I may read it again. Either way, I got a little chill writing it, and that is special enough.

To my dearest little man,

You’re eighteen months today. Eighteen months old, eighteen months wise. And wise you are. You are such a clever little soul who loves to do absolutely everything. Everything. Nothing stops you. And put your sister in the equation, your dare devil nature just becomes that more exuberant and fearless.

Your a tactile little man that understands that magnets can not connect when their two opposing sides are presented together. You learnt very quickly you must turn those little discs to connect them. Your Mumma (and our witnessing friend) were quite amazed. Very amazed in fact (I secretly sat there with a little jaw opened wide). It is this determination that continues to inspire us all every day to keep on going and never give up.

You never do.

:: You sleep, you don’t sleep. Sometimes you just wake for those random cuddles at night, nothing more and nothing less. Your sleep deprived parents give them so willingly, yet sometimes wish you would just sleep from seven to seven and give us a decent stretch of sleep. One day we know those cuddles will be hard to find so we grab them when we can.

Talking of those cuddles, I love your koala bear cuddles as I call them. They are the perfect kind of cuddle – the one where you curl into my neck and shoulder and just lie. Just lie. Something you just do not do. I think I need to call our babysitter over more often just so I can get those koala bear cuddles before bed.

My dear little man, you just don’t stop. I have worked it out too. You actually don’t walk. You run. Even when we hold hands in the street you prance and try to run. Walking… never. Because there are always places to go with you and people to see and you wanting to be ten steps ahead of your actual little self.

:: That cheeky smile puts a smile on my face every day. Every day. And those roars… man you live up to your name sake of ‘lion’. Or are you calling for Walter the dog? I have not quite figured it out. Your energy is intoxicating, yet so so exhausting at the same time. Sweety man, will you not just sit for five minutes quitely every now and then?

“Never” you are most probably trying to say to me!

And may you never just sit. May you always continue to release that intoxicating energy of go-go-go. Because that is just one of the many beautiful qualities that we love about you – your cheeky energy. It is kind of like you have forked out this wide plan to annoy your sister, push her buttons at the right moment and do just that little thing that you know you are not meant to. 

Cheeky, your middle name. 

You are gorgeous. You can’t help but smile at you. Every old lady wants to touch those cheeks. 

Thankyou for making me become a better person. Thankyou for teaching me the art of patience. And thank you for being just you. 

How lucky I am. 

Mumma xx


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  • Jodi Gibson

    Beautiful. xxx

  • Ai Sakura

    Aww it’s beautiful. I always get a little chill (and sometimes a tear) writing letters to Lil Pumpkin too ;)

    Ai @
    Sakura Haruka

  • TwitchyCorner

    I loved that age! My favouritest photos of my boy are at that delicious age. My boy never stopped either, by the way. We knew he could crawl before we knew if he could sit! No doubt he was capable, he just had no desire to- ever. #teamIBOT

    • the parenting files – tahlia

      It is such a yummy age! So much fun! But a tough and challenging one too! xx

  • Lisa

    I am yet to write a letter to my boys, but might attempt it after reading yours. My youngest is 17mths old and full of beans too

  • Jodi @Mummyhood101

    Absolutely beautiful!! :) Your little man is gorgeous, you are right though a fun but tough and challenging age. I am find 2 years old with my little man harder, but he is still so cute! :)

  • Lauren @ createbakemake

    Just lovely.. You have inspired me to write a letter to my boys.

  • EssentiallyJess

    He is so beautiful!
    I’ve got one who does those Koala bear cuddles and would wake in the night just for that. It does pass, to an extent, but at 7 she is still the cuddliest kid I’ve ever known

  • Sarah@SnippetsandSpirits

    So gorgeous, I love the sound of those koala cuddles. He will love reading this when the time is right. I love your outlook on the middle of the night cuddles also as before we know it those cuddles will no longer be cool!
    IBOT x

  • Sonia@ LIfe Love and Hiccups

    Ohhhh how to make me cry on a Wednesday morning. just beautiful hun xx

  • Lisa @ Random Acts Of Zen

    So lovely, and reminds us how quickly the time goes! x