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school holidays

If you are at all like me, school holidays can be a liiiitle bit painful if nothing is planned {or very little}. Below I have listed my 20 things I am actually excited about.

  1. Spending days in the sunshine
  2. Getting my SLR out of its bag and snapping photos
  3. Not having plans
  4. Not rushing in the mornings
  5. Enjoying a coffee with my children
  6. Practicing the art of scooting
  7. Flying to Sydney to be with family for Jewish New Year
  8. Flying to Sydney with my daughter (only) and having 2 days with just her, just us.
  9. Planting veges for spring
  10. Chillin
  11. Decluttering
  12. Days spent playing outside in the sandpit and water table
  13. Seeing the Octonauts at the aquarium {if we do actually make a plan to go}
  14. Going on a tram to meet dada at work for lunch
  15. Making muffins
  16. Have a picnic
  17. Do some crafting
  18. Not to do crafting
  19. Being present {more}
  20. Just be

What are you excited about these school holidays?

{photo by chancema}

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  • Maxabella

    20 good reasons why the holidays beat the school term every time! Happy new year to you! We live in a Jewish neighbourhood and have been lucky to be caught up in lots of celebrating. x

  • Elisha Ross

    That looks like the list that I have written in my mind. Octonauts at the Aquarium? Oh my, I might have to get to Melbs with my 3 yo for that one. I didn’t even know anything about it. What a lovely space you have here too. I might just have to go and like your FB to keep up to date with your goings on. Cheers and happy Sunday.x

  • Sonia@ LIfe Love and Hiccups

    Yep I am with you chick. The no rushing in the morning and no homework tops my list. Enjoy hun xx

  • Sara | Kid Magazine

    My little one is just a baby so everyday is like school holidays for us. Being present is so important and should be top of my list! Enjoy the holidays :)