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I remember as a kid, I went on this amazing four-wheel driving expedition with my dad. It wasn’t your amateur kind of four-wheel driving; it was a FULL ON experience, tough mudder kind of driving. I remember so vividly the moment my dad was driving and we were swaying from side to side in the car, constantly thinking we are going to tip over or roll in some way. It was incredibly exhilarating and yet scary at the same time.

Now, having kids of my own, I am taken back to those childhood days when we went camping and driving in the bush, along dirt roads, and up and down four-wheel drive tracks. Those days were some of the best experiences I remember. I am now prepping my dad to think about planning our first real camping experience with the kids. Although, I am not sure I have the nerve to allow him to do what he did with me as a kid….

Getting outdoors with the kids is the best kind of education, therapy and life experience a parent can possibly give. When we are often consumed by devices, television {the kids are watching as I type, right here and now}, ipads and more, breaking away is so vital. My son is the kind of kid that has a mind that races 1000 times a second; it is constantly go-go-go. He is the kind of boy that needs tranquility, nature and the great outdoors more often than not to provide that calming feeling.

In Melbourne, we are fortunate enough to have some incredible weekend hotspots for camping, great outdoor experiences, and even four-wheel drive tracks. We are regular visitors to Ballarat {you can read some of our experiences here} and have similarly experienced Echuca with the kids. But for the more adventurous soul, there are some incredible four-wheel driving tracks and tours to really take the adventure up a notch:

  • The Murray
  • The Great Ocean Road
  • The Gippsland area

I bet, in fact, I guarantee, that the four-wheel driving adventure that I eventually do with my dad and the kids will involve linking up with an experienced {more so than my father, ha!} driver and tour group – one that knows the land, the roads, and the surroundings.

But, if you are game, and have the skills to do the four-wheel driving adventure on your own, make sure you triple check everything. Macquarie 4×4 has everything you need for your next adventure, including all your brand new 4×4 accessories and equipment. If you especially have not done it for some time, there could be a few items on the list.

Have you been four-wheel driving as a family? Where are your favourite places to go?

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  • Chris

    In Queensland I see some families have these 4wd outdoor adventures. I’d like to try this one day. Look like fun.