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a little bit of happiness is a little bit of sunshine


A little bit of happiness this week is….

sunshine, sunshine, sunshine….

warmth, sunshine, warmth and heat.

It is that happy pill that wakes you up and you feel more revived, alive and full of energy.

It is that little bit of something that can help you through your darkest moments and help in the prevention of depression.

It is a health kick. A rejuvenation. A medicine.

This is why escaping to the heat, having that beach holiday, and escaping to the sunshine is sometimes exactly what the doctor ordered.

and don’t forget the laughs, plays, fun times and dirty hands that come with the sunshine…..

What fun times have you been having lately in the sunshine? 



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  • Jen R

    lov the sun, but have not had a swim yet….must fix that, we had some cracker storms over the weekend, thunder and lightning also invigorate me :)

  • Kate @ Puddles and Gumboots

    We went to the beach on Sunday and it was glorious! We all had such fun, though I do miss being able to swim out past the waves as I used to pre-kid days

  • Jodi Gibson @ The Scribble Den

    Makes you feel alive doesn’t it? We’ve been outdoors lots and swimming in the pool.