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I have many roles and responsibilities in life… many. I often like to think that at times I take one hat off to put another hat on.  Very early on in my marriage the ‘roles and responsibilities’ where pretty much drawn out in sand, pre-children; or Before Children {BC} as we like to call it. It was clear:

–       I was not going to iron, ever!

–       Taking the garbage out was his job

–       I would prepare meals 5 nights out of 7, with having one night off and hubby to cook the other night.

–       We both share household duties

Ok, so that was BC. Lets just say that certain things have changed with some fundamentals still remaining the same {I still don’t iron}. I am today, wife, mother, chef, cleaner, diary organiser, social calendar lady, reminder lady, the stronger disciplinary, comforter, twinkle-twinkle-little-star bedtime singer, back scratcher, bug advocate…. Oh, and everything else as well. SIGHH… did I miss something?!

Don’t get me wrong, hubby is a very hands on dad. Amazing! But the truth is, I am there for the majority of days during the week to cope, manage and referee the afternoon hours while we wait for him to get home by 6pm at night.

I went interstate for work last week. For two days I was away from home, away from my children and away from my family. Being away made me realise how important I actually am at home. I mean, everyone survived {very well}, but lets just say that everything else in the home was in a shambles when I walked through the door.

I really do keep everything in order at home.

Being a Mumma constantly teaches me and challenges me at the same time. It is the best role and the most challenging. And yet, while being a Mumma, my relationship is sometimes tested while we argue or disagree on what we should be or shouldn’t be doing in the midst of sleep deprivation and extreme toddler tantrums and arguments. It is damn hard!

In all the daily chaos and mayhem it is easy to forget about the incredible job we each do. Ha! Let me tell you the amount of times I have cracked the S^&%s at my man for not giving me a simple thank you. Let’s just say that I like to be acknowledged every now and then. Whether it with a surprise bunch of flowers, a little note, or a random romantic embrace, acknowledgement is key. Mind you, he does come in with the goods every so often with a random postit note put somewhere in the house saying how much he loves me and appreciates me.

Sometimes we need to actually be away to realise what matters most and the people that rely on us most. This is why being safe at work is not just about being safe at work, but rather, being safe in order to walk through your home door safely to put on that other hat.

The Victorian WorkCover Authority are running a campaign to provide people with a visual reminder of the importance of workplace safety with their fun campaign – Jobs at Home Day. You can even order a free badge with the title of your job at home by going to their website here. You might even win a holiday from your job at home, with every person who orders a badge going in the draw for a $5ooo Flight Centre voucher.

We all have that one role, maybe more. Since 2009, 117 Victorians have lost their lives in a workplace incident. Almost 25 per cent of these tragedies occurred during November and December.  Don’t get silly in the ‘silly season’. Be wise, be safe and ask yourself, what is my Job Title at home? Mine…..Chief Operations Manager.

What would yours be?

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