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I can not let this opportunity pass me by to record the memories and moments of my little cherub. When this project was presented to me by Naomi at Seven Cherubs, I could not help but wonder how often we forget to record and note the little things….

Some of you may have a journal for your own memories, feelings and emotions; some of you may keep an up-to-date baby book; photos, videos, and even notes… I have to say, I can not remember the last time I updated little E’s baby book, let alone record when her first tooth popped through, the date she took her first step, or her first word…. I mean I have a vague idea…

So I propose the same questions to you that Naomi gave to me as ideas:

– what was your birth story

– a tresured memory of when they were little

– a great achievement they made

– something you observed them doing

– a first achievement they reached

– a quiet moment you had together


But I am going to share a little something different. This is a recording of the famous tantrums. Whoever said tantrums start in the two’s I think was horribly wrong. We have the stomps, the face squirm, the mouth wide open with screams, and even the face plant on the floor.

At the moment I can not do anything but stand, watch and have a giggle to myself. Distraction seems to slowly but surely not be working as well.

Who can not laugh and smile at this face?

So at the age of 16 months (although this has been happening for at least the past month), I want to record and cherish these moments for me to one day share with my little E. As my mum said…. “It’s pay back time”… as supposedly I was exactly the same. So the genes are strong I guess!

So each week I will be recording something new and exciting. Something I may not have ordinarily recorded. But as I record and cherish, I ask and seek your insight, advice, and wisdom.

How do you tackle the infamous tantrums?

 p.s. Apart from these current tantrums, my Little E is running around, being as cheeky as anything, saying not much more then “aaa” while pointing and expecting me to understand her. “Use your words darling” seems to not be sticking in. My strong minded little girl is going be a character of strength :)


Tahlia xx

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  • Sif

    LOL, that photo is a classic! read the first para and was expecting the usual angelically smiling face under that gorgeous mop of hair… Ha!

    I've got to tell you, your right, tantrums don't start at two, they start at about 15 months, but they hit full force between two and three and then, supposedly, children enter a great state of reason (I said, supposedly). So, well, this is just the start – but you will survive.

    Redirect, redirect, redirect. Sometimes that means removing the item of contention, sometimes that means removing the child. Lots and lots of fresh air play helps to diffuse frustration. Invest in a trampoline. Model patience and understanding. Give yourself a chance to take a deep breath or six if you need them and NEVER, NEVER lock horns with a toddler. In a game of wills there is no win/win when it comes to toddlers… Firm and compassionate, and a yes environment coupled with redirection is the best strategy advice I can offer.

  • Jodi @ The Scribble

    Oh I love that photo! I have taken a few tantram photo's of mine too, ready and waiting for their 21st!

    Tantrums are really hard. I have certainly not figured them out yet. I have found that with Miss 3 I just need to leave the room and ignore her. She screams even louder, but eventually she comes out as if nothing has happened – all sweet an innocent.

    Good luck with it all!

    • tahlia

      thanks for the tips guys. Sif… so agree with you in needing to take a deep breath, or 6. And so true in modelling patience and understanding. I think sometimes we just get naturally so frustrated we loose all patience and need to take a conscience decision to stand back a little.

      Jodi… I feel I am for ever ignoring little E but feel I don't want her to think I don't want to help her out of it… it's that fine line of ignoring it but also communicating which still gives it attention….


  • Naomi Ellis

    Wow! that picture is just so awesome. I would love to put that in a picture frame to make me smile every day. Haha! I have seen my fair share of tantrums and it always amazes me the different techniques my cherubs come up with to try to throw one. Kids are hilarious. Thanks so much for linking up. N x

  • Laney @ Crash Test M

    That is brilliant! Usually people only record the sweet stuff! I think it's important that our kids realise they were not perfect little angels all the time ;)

    When it comes to tantrums I either ignore then outright, or try and distract them. Really hard when they do it in the supermarket tough!