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5 tips to coping with first day school blues


It is back to school week. Some kids are out the door – or mum is pushing them out the door waiting to open the bubbly. While some kids may feel a little nervous and jittery for their first day. So how do you handle the first day blues? How do you help your little one cope with their back to school blues or starting school blues?

1. “Normalise” those feelings of nervousness. Tell your kids that it’s okay to feel nervous and worried and that these feelings are very normal.

2. Reassure your kids of where you will pick them up and what time you will be waiting. Remind them of any friends they will know in their class and any familiar faces they will have.

3. Leave a little note with a treat in their lunch box. It will put a huge smile on their face and remind them that you are thinking of them.

4. This one I saw and absolutely love! Just a reminder for your little one that you are with them throughout the day and thinking of them.

5. Instead of asking “who did you meet at school?”, ask them “what was your favourite part of the day?” The first day can be very overwhelming so they may not remember other kids names. So by asking them their favourite part of the day they can then communicate and talk about this.

What are your tips of helping your little one through the first day school blues?

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  • Sonia @ Life Love and Hiccups

    Beautiful tips for starting school hun xx

  • Ai Sakura

    I LOLed at the first pic! luckily nobody sits next to me at work ahah…

    we remind my girl of the friends and fun she has in sch on those days that she doesn’t go and those days that she does :) hubby drops her off and stays with her a while to settle her in before class so that helps on school days too I guess :)

  • Jess

    Oh I love the handwriting one! I’m going to try that tomorrow with my little one. She is fine once I leave, but there are always tears when she goes and it makes me feel awful :(

    • Tahlia

      Yeh I saw this Jess and loved it. Let me know if it was a success :)

  • Mrs Savage

    Love, love the drawings on the hand. Sadly I think my son would not be impressed, doesn’t even like band-aids! Great tips xx

    • Tahlia

      Yeh maybe may not work for everyone! x

  • Veronica @ Mixed Gems

    I’m not there yet but when I am, I can see there will be lots of great advice out there to help me and the kids with the adjustment.

    • Tahlia

      Ill be turning to everyone else too Veronica when it comes my time :) x

  • Misha – TheBlingBuoy

    I LOVE these suggestions. I try to keep the first day low key and maybe go to the park first… like it’s just another day. And it seems to ease the anxiety a little. When my daughter had some problems at school last year I put a little angel (from the craft shop) in her pocket and said that it contained all my love and hugs inside it for when she needed a little extra reassurance. I did the same for my nephew who started prep last week… only it was a tiny little green bear (also comes in a pack of 10 from the craft shop). He loves it… and so does his mum :)

    • Tahlia

      Misha that is such a lovely idea! I love love love it! A reminder, a little love, something close. x