1. says

    Oh that looks like so much fun! My kids LOVE painting but I’m not a fan of the mess! I think I need to get them easels like in your pics, rather than using the floor or a table.
    New follower now :)

    • Tahlia says

      standing to paint is just a while new experience. mess will still happen though…. damn paint just goes everywhere but it is lots of fun!

    • Tahlia says

      Fortunately Tamara these photos were taken at an activity place. All themes she could make… And then we left and I don’t. Have to cleanup! Only the hands hehe xx

  2. says

    We have the same stickers!
    The twinlets just love to paint…the cleanup afterwards is of course, a nightmare!

  3. says

    Painting is the most creative activity for the toddlers, they can express their thoughts with really simple but remarkable signs. And it helps them to upgrade their creative skills as well. I always like to paint with my son together.