Family Life

Dear 20 year old me


Hey there 20-year-old me.

I need to tell you something. We are the same. But so different. You were 20 and scared shitless you wouldn’t be happy, wouldn’t find your calling, wouldn’t find ‘the one’, let alone have children. 20-year-old you, let me tell you, worry and anxiety doesn’t get you anywhere.

20-year-old you, you need to realise you are amazing in every way. Your imperfections are what makes you even more amazing. You don’t have to be the best always and don’t have to solve everything NOW.

What if you knew that the person you thought was the right one wasn’t the right one at all. If only you knew the importance of when one door closes how new ones open. Even better ones.

Failure will happen. But failure is not failure. You will explore new things and travel on extraordinary adventures where you never thought possible. What if you knew that what you thought was going to be your defining career will, in fact, be something totally different.

Just settle for now and don’t plan too far in advance. Realise that you are enough and that you will have enough. At 30 you will have grown to someone even more amazing, into someone who looks and feels totally different.

20-year-old you, you are enough. You will have enough. You will have things you never thought possible.

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