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story telling

story telling

Do you ever wonder what story to tell to your children? And by story, I mean a story of imagination and wonder. Because, honestly, I get stuck. I get stuck on characters, what they say, and what they do. You will often find me telling a ramble of a song to my two year old while she is sitting on the toilet and I am encouraging her to wee… yes, it is a story I am telling, yet I have no idea what I am telling.

Yet, the extraordinary man he is, tells stories. And good ones at that. And by good it is the ever so often used word, more, that is constantly repeated. So he must be good. Right?

And then I ask him, what stories do you tell…

“A little bit of this, a little bit of that, maybe a few ducks are in there too.”

And then I realise. He has no idea either. And maybe our two year old daughter has no idea either.

And that is okay.

Because the beauty of stories, is imagination. And gee… I wonder what she is imagining with our stories.

Are you a story teller?



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