Why we shouldn’t burden our children with expectation

expectations of our children

We enter the world as an innocent child. A blank slate ready to be scrawled upon with our own story. As we grow, we are infused with a combination of innate and environmental influences and expectations. Expectations to behave in a certain way, expectations that others place on us and expectations that we then in […]

Cultivating positive sibling relationships


Pregnant with my second child, I was told, repeatedly, that things would soon get hard for my sunny almost three-year-old daughter. She was asked, repeatedly, whether she was going to help mummy change nappies, and help look after the baby. My daughter enthusiastically nodded. “The baby’s a girl,” she would say. “I’m going to change […]

how to tackle toddler tantrums

how to solve tantrums

Toddler tantrums…Some days are terrible, and other days seem to be quite pleasant. Every parent is always asking me, ‘how do I tackle the terrible two’s?’ But why are they called the terrible two’s you ask? Two is the age that a little person begins to experience the world for themselves. They have begun to […]

what they don’t tell you about baby no. 2


If everyone told you everything about the impending arrival of baby no.2 and how different life would be, I think those anxiety levels would escalate twofold. But now three months in, I have a more solid idea of what people don’t tell you about baby no. 2. 1. Sleep deprivation should be given a new […]

music for kids

music for kids

Music for kids has many joys and benefits for the whole family. Even before children learn to communicate they connect through song and sound. By listening to music, participating in music and playing with music children instinctively learn build on their sensory experiences and development. Music gives joy. Music gives peace. Music can be fun. […]