Why we shouldn’t burden our children with expectation

expectations of our children

We enter the world as an innocent child. A blank slate ready to be scrawled upon with our own story. As we grow, we are infused with a combination of innate and environmental influences and expectations. Expectations to behave in a certain way, expectations that others place on us and expectations that we then in […]

Cultivating positive sibling relationships


Pregnant with my second child, I was told, repeatedly, that things would soon get hard for my sunny almost three-year-old daughter. She was asked, repeatedly, whether she was going to help mummy change nappies, and help look after the baby. My daughter enthusiastically nodded. “The baby’s a girl,” she would say. “I’m going to change […]

how to tackle toddler tantrums

how to solve tantrums

Toddler tantrums…Some days are terrible, and other days seem to be quite pleasant. Every parent is always asking me, ‘how do I tackle the terrible two’s?’ But why are they called the terrible two’s you ask? Two is the age that a little person begins to experience the world for themselves. They have begun to […]

what they don’t tell you about baby no. 2


If everyone told you everything about the impending arrival of baby no.2 and how different life would be, I think those anxiety levels would escalate twofold. But now three months in, I have a more solid idea of what people don’t tell you about baby no. 2. 1. Sleep deprivation should be given a new […]

emotional development in children – tips to help them


I wrote this article for YourKidsEd the other week and thought I would share it here as well. Be sure to jump on over and check out some other fabulous reads, giveaways and info. ******** Teaching emotional intelligence for children is that little thing about teaching children about feelings and emotions.What is emotional intelligence you […]