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Xmas Christmas Series: 75 gift ideas

October 29, 2012
75 gift ideas

This week is all about gifts for him and her. So without any further adu….

for her:

1. A massage

2. Cooking class – you could also do this together as a couple

3. A new frypan she has always wanted

4. A new necklace

5. A new bag

6. A new bracelet

7. Dear Mum, Thankyou for everything by Bradley Trevor Grieve

8. Love Those Lips gift set

9. Personlised Casserole dish for those big cookers

10. Fingerprint Jewellery Kit to capture an impression of a little one’s finger print.

11. Salad Bowl

12. Candles

13. Wall prints

14. Cook book

15. Or two cook books

16. IPad 3

17. JellyStone Necklace for mums with teething babies

18. Voucher for a new pair of shoes

19. New cushions

20. My Quotable Kid keepsake journal

21. Subscription to a Magazine

22. A new keyring

23. A mug, just for her

24. A new scarf

25. Fedora Hat

26. A belt

27. A pair of wooly gloves

28. Fruity Delights Pamper Tin from The Body Shop

29. Very sexy after dark nightwear

30. Rose Scrunchy Slippers

31. So snuggly Bed Socks

32. Jam Making Set 

33. Pantry Labels by Love Mae

34. A vase

35. Suck UK Sharpener Desk Tidy

36. Matching PJ set

37. Annabel Trends Eat Play Live Apron 

38. Earrings

for him:

39. Aftershave

40. Socks and Undies

41. A tender sky dive experience ( yes, this is for the extreme adventurers).

42. Cufflinks

43. A weekend away

44. Magazine Subscription

45. iphone cover

46. Photo frame with a photo of the family inside

47. Personalised keyring 

48. Mummy Mike rubber band organiser

49. A new pair of shoes

50. Alarm Clock

51. 2013 Desk Calendar

52. Rubik’s Cube

53. Vegetable seedlings to plant with the kids

54. Decanter and wine glass set

55. BBQ Tool set

56. An overnight bag (for those jet settling travellers)

57. 101 Whiskies to Try Before You Die by Ian Buxton

58. Toilet Bathroom Golf Game

59. Fridge Magnet Bottle Opener

60. Bunnings gift card

61. A new wallet

62. Desk Top  Sports Soccor

63. iTunes Gift Card

64. Business Shirts

65. Sports Gear

66. Money Clip Wallet

67. Business Card Holder (you could get this engraved too)

68.  Big Golf/Double Umbrella

69. Beach Cricket Set

70. Drive a V8 race car experience

71. Sunnylife Beach sounds radio

72. Screwdriver set

73. Mystery flight deal

74. Gardening tools

75. 1930’s desk phone

So there you have it, my christmas gift ideas for him and her.

Have you started your christmas shopping yet? What are your gift ideas? 


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Xmas celebration series : baby and children’s gift ideas

October 22, 2012
baby gift ideas

Christmas is not far away. So let’s get the planning started. The key to reducing stress and chaos is to plan early. So each week I am putting together some inspiring ideas to help you get into the festive season. This week is:

Baby and children’s gift ideas:

1. Nana Huchy Balls with Ribbons / 2. Weegoamigo baby blanket / 3. Personalised name wall plark / 4. Melamine Dinner Set 

Anything crafty, I love! Anything to get my children to eat a little more… even better!

1. 4D Vision Great White Shark Anatomy Model / 2. Backyard Science book / 3. A surfing lesson / 4. Melissa and Doug Happy Hearts Wooden Bead Set

Sometimes the unusual and different gift ideas are the biggest winners. Think outside the box! Don’t be limited to what is in toy stores. Maybe a gift voucher to the aquarium or the zoo is another great option!

Of course I am just touching on the surface! Which is why I want you to help me inspire me and everyone else. Link up your christmas ideas, or share your present ideas in the comments below.

*This is not a sponsored post. This is just a collection of toys and items I have found, discovered or tried myself.


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How to pack your luggage in under an hour

May 31, 2012

Kristy Alexander shares her tips on how to pack your luggage in under an hour. With just a few simple planning tools, it does not have to be the stress before the holiday begins…

Packing luggage for a family trip doesn’t have to be stressful or confusing. By keeping two main principles in mind, it’s possible to pack your bags quickly and to do it without leaving important items behind. To pack in less than an hour, you need to have your itinerary in hand and to know what each person needs for general daily use.

General Use Items

The majority of the items you pack will likely be your family’s general use items. These include the clothing for each day, toiletries, medications, etc. The easiest way to make sure that all of these items are packed for each family member is to run through each person’s average day in your mind. Start with the first thing they do when they wake in the morning and continue through to their bedtime routines.

Doing this with each family member will begin with their morning toiletries, including oral care products and other items that your family may use in the morning. Think about the routine you go through each morning before leaving the house. All of the items you use then should be packed. Progressing through the mid-morning, think of the items that may be needed before lunch. Will your family members want special snacks that can’t be purchased on the trip? Do any of your family members take daily vitamins?

Afternoon items may include sunscreen, needed medications and entertainment items. Evening items often include skin-care products, eye-care products and sleep aids. For each day, you must also choose an outfit. To avoid packing too heavily, plan these outfits out in advance instead of taking several clothing choices for each day. Make sure to look over each clothing item for damage. You may need children to try on a few of the items to ensure they still fit. By doing this, you will have plenty of clothing packed and not have to worry that any of it will be unwearable.


·      Toothbrushes

·      Toothpaste

·      Dental floss

·      Mouthwash

·      Face cleansers

·      Sunscreen

·      Book/MP3 Player/Magazines

·      Contact solution

·      Glasses

·      Vitamins

·      Medications

·      Shampoo

·      Conditioner

·      Razor

·      Shaving gel

·      Feminine products

·      Nail clippers

·      Hair spray/gel

·      Makeup

·      One well-planned outfit for each day

·      Pajamas – two sets per person

Where are you going?

With all of your general-use items packed, you then must pack all of your trip-specific items. These will vary with the location, the time of year and the specific things you plan to do on your trip. With your itinerary in hand, look over each day and choose the items that you will need for each of your activities. A beach vacation requires a complete set of items to make the trip more enjoyable. These include:

·      Extra sunscreen

·      Swimsuits – pack two for each person to allow for drying each day

·      Goggles

·      Beach and water toys

·      Hats

·      Lip balm

·      Flip flops or other beach shoes

·      Sunglasses

·      A beach bag to carry to the shore each day

·      A water-proof camera

·      Sunburn treatment

If you are taking a skiing or hiking vacation, there are other special items that you will need. These may include boots, coats, extra socks, gloves, insect repellent, sports gear and water-resistant clothing items.

Even if your daily itinerary isn’t detailed, you should be able to tell whether you will need dressy clothing during the trip. If you plan on formal dinners or going to events with a dress code, pack a formal outfit for each family member. In most cases, the formal outfit can be worn more than once.

As you look at each day of your trip plan, also consider things that can go wrong and the items you’ll need if they do. Outdoor vacations may require adhesive bandages, a flashlight, a blister kit, rain ponchos and insect bite treatment.

Traveling With Children

Young children come with their own set of travel needs. They made a few extra additions to the luggage. Depending on the age of the child, these may include:

·      Paper and crayons or pencils

·      Handheld electronic game systems

·      Diapers and wipes

·      Wet wipes for hands

·      Plastic bag for sticky clothes

·      Bibs

·      One extra outfit for each child in case of accidents

·      Children’s cold and fever medications

·      Baby food and spoons

By taking the time to think over each person’s daily needs as well as the items needed for the trip’s activities, you can ensure that nothing is forgotten and that too many extras aren’t packed. Packing light will make your luggage easier to carry and make it easier to find items when you need them.

Have you travelled lately?

What are your quick packing tips?



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Kristy Alexander is a freelance travel writer for HotelClub where you can find great savings on discount hotels in Adelaide and around Australia.


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online discount shopping – my little obsession

May 28, 2012
Shopping trolley on button of computer keyboard

I love on-line shopping. It is my little obsessions since I had children. I guess I am one of those typically time poor mums who wants a good bargain. After much contemplation, a small purchase, now my purchases on-line are just endless. It is my little weakness! With packages getting regularly sent to my hubbies office, there are continuous “ohh… what is that?” from his curious team members.

I am forever buying something. Just to put it into perspective, this is what I have currently bought on-line (in no particular order):

– Children’s clothes.

– Hubby’s birthday present which was a watch! That was the best find!

– Kitchenware products! – Slight addiction… “yep I could do with that” are my continuous thoughts to the order

– Toys – Some other fabulous websites… more later!

– Books – sorry bookstores… i just can’t refuse the online prices.

– My daughter’s bedside table – my most recent purchase

With my credit card being hacked into to on two occasions, one can tell that I do it A LOT!.

So when I was told about a new and exciting on-line discount and coupon store, you can imagine my excitement. There is a reason to my madness. It is so convenient and a money saver! These two reasons is why I do so much on-line shopping. I don’t have to leave my house. I can buy things in my pyjamas, I can find deals exclusive to Australia, my house can be bedlam and I can still buy what I need, I can search around for the most super super special prices and find the latest discounts online without going far. And the best… I can beat the crowds and some of the most silly people attempting serving you at the store.

As a mum we are constantly trying to find the most efficient, easy, quick and affordable options for our kids and family. With so many items on our “to do” list, reducing this list seems to be the way to go. Time just seems to constantly get away. There is not enough time. We wish we had more.

So you are probably now wanting to know the name of this new money saver online store? Ok, I’ll let you in on the secret…. Coupon Codes. And how cool is the name too!

Go on.. check it out. Sign up to their free newsletter to get the glory benefits of what is on offer and get in on the party! My online shopping party…

Warning: once you start… you may not be able to stop. I take no responsibility for hacked into credit cards, over spending, or questions from your other half about what little purchases you have found.

Do you do much online shopping? What are your fabulous finds and purchases?


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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by Coupon Codes


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How do you know that?

May 24, 2012
how do you know

One of my closest girlfriends came over the other day. Catch up, meet the baby, cup of tea and just a chin wag which I so desperately needed.

From talking about our girlie chit-chat conversation of marriage, men, babies, and life no sooner did the little man need his feed. As I called the husband from the other room I realised I had to juggle feeding and expressing. I got so caught up in my little “switch –off” I totally forgot.

Here she was, sitting between my hubby feeding and me expressing with a few screams in between.

Instead of running quickly out the door, she was more intrigued about the processes, equipment, and burping actions we were involved in. “How do you know all this?” she asked.

Somehow I got to thinking… how did I learn all this? How did I know what breast pump to buy, what bottle to buy, what seat to buy, how much formula to use, how to burp, what car seats and boosters seats to buy, how to wrap, how to bath, when to bath, when to feed, when to pump… all these questions that for an expectant mum can be awfully overwhelming.

This was me not too long ago. All these questions. Wondering. Puzzled. A little more puzzled and a little more confused.

It is so easy to take it all for granted. Second time round, auto pilot goes on and I just do. But boy was it different first-time round. I had no idea! Bottles, teats, milk, formula, breast attachment, bathing, burping…. “What the f*ck, do I do?” were my exact thoughts. There were phone calls to friends, my sister-in-law, and even my mum… although sometimes I had to question her 1980 ways.

So I can not help but wonder how do people really know? Do we ever really know? Or is it just a string of hit and misses and hope that we hit the right spot more often then not? Trial and errors? Trying new things. Late night Googling….

If only there were some place new mums could go for all the answers. If only there were some place mums in general could go for all the answers. Somewhere easy to learn the answers, buy new products, buy good products and maybe have a chat with a few other mums as well. I know there are places like Big W that sell great products, and online too which makes it soooo much easier. Who knew my love for on-line shopping would dramatically increase since having children to the point where the credit card has been hacked into a few too many times because my purchases just went through the roof. But it is hard finding these places. These great stores. How do you know?

Or maybe Siri could learn the answers and find out our most bizarre questions.

It is hard being a mum. The many choices out there don’t make it any easier. Different advice, different knowledge, different “try this”, “have you tried that”, “how about this”… ARGGGGHHHH it is enough to make anyone go a little loopy.

But you don’t stop learning. We don’t stop wanting new advice, knowledge, information, support and “how to’s”…. parenting is a journey. Slowly but surely we begin to add to our tool box. Maybe it is a little like Mary Poppin’s bag… it just seems to continue and continue and continue….

And every once in awhile if someone asks I try to offer something. And sometimes I don’t. Because I don’t know everything. There are just some things I don’t know. I am still trying to wing it every day too.

How did you know?

What tricks and tips would you pass on to an expectant friend?


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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by Big W

{image found here}

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the disorganised housewife

February 14, 2012

Today’s post is from Heather Smith, ex-nanny, writer and mum. Heather regularly contributes to various career, social media, public relations, branding, and parenting blogs/websites. She also provides value to nanny service by giving advice on site design as well as the features and functionality to provide more and more value to nannies and families across the U.S. and Canada.


You’d think it would be easy to start things out, but it is not. It’s never easy to start something that seems insurmountable. So, when it came to design the baby’s room, I procrastinated like a master. By the time I actually got around to picking out my ‘wish list’ for the baby shower, I was approximately the size of a city bus. Well, the shower came and went and the room still sat bare. Oh, all the stuff was in it- piled up against the walls, parts strewn around like puzzle pieces.

But nothing was completed.

Can I just tell you how much fun it is assembling a crib when you can’t see your feet and you have to use a pulley system to get up off the floor? Needless to say, it took a while. But, at last, everything was assembled and ready to go. And not a moment too soon.

I swear my son has an internal alarm that goes off the minute I sit down. Bathroom breaks? Not for mom. Shower time? Nope. The only time I get to sit in peace is when he’s asleep, which means for five minutes at a time, usually right before the phone rings or someone knocks on the door. So, as a result, (I blame him) I procrastinate even more now than I used to. Incredible though that may be.

There are some conveniences of modern life I’m very thankful for. Automated bill pay and direct deposit keep the electricity on and water running. Without that help, I have a feeling we’d be living in a lot of layers. Very stinky layers. Not that living in ‘previously worn’ clothes doesn’t happen. My procrastination does not stop in the utility room. Piles of laundry threaten to engulf whoever dares to enter there.

Forget separating white from colors; everything ends up grey eventually.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a dirty person. I’m just organisationally challenged. I know where everything is… at least what pile it is in. Last minute is the way I live my life, however. Need that sweater for tomorrow? I have the wash and dry times down to a science.

Does anyone else have a problem with this?

Or am I the only unorganised mum out there?


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Back to School tips and organisation

January 17, 2012

It is that time of year again where the back to school rush, mad dashes, relish, excitement and everything else in between is happening.

I could not help but walk past a children’s show store the other day to see all the mums and the kids lining up to get their littilies feet fitted…. oii veyyy… “56 and I am number 70″ was probably the thought. Miscellaneous mum talk about her “agony” of that dreaded show shopping experience.

Getting back to school can be daunting and nerve racking for some, especially for those starting school. And that is not even talking about the nerves and anxiety for mum and dad as their little one steps into the big school….

But with a little organisation and a little planning over the next few weeks, there can hopefully be fewer and less stress for everyone involved. Christie over at Childhood 101 talks about her little worries and organisation plans to get the kids out the door by the reasonable expected hour, before her usually 9:30am “leisurely” exit. She also talks about her labelling mission )labelling school uniforms that is) and has a wonderful competition at the end :)

Kids love routine. They love to know what is expected of them and know what the day will entail. Having routine for the first day back (well an attempt to kind of… hehe) which can be discussed and talked about before the coming day can also ease the stress. And maybe going through the routine can help a little too! Practicing, and maybe practicing again for a few days.

For the little ones, some printouts of the days activities can also help. Routine cards placed on the fridge or in your child’s room can really help the process. These routine cards are a wonderful simple idea to help children with literacy and communication.

(image/printables by Childhood101)

Just remember that it is okay to feel a little nervous, anxious and concerned for your little ones. It is also okay for your little ones to also feel these as well. If you normalise the feeling and talk about their feelings, working through their feelings becomes a little easier. For them and for you too.

Make it a little fun. Make it a little exciting. They pick up on your vibes and emotions so when they see you being excited, they will instinctively get excited too. Why not let the kids stick their labels on their lunch boxes and other school items. So they might be a little wonky…. But with such funky labels like these ones, who wouldn’t feel excited?

And here is a little something extra I found.. i love these little note ideas to put in the kiddies lunch boxes… imagine the smile they get when they open their lunchbox. And the book labels are super cute!

Just remember it is an exciting time, a nervous time, a new journey and a fresh journey. These little moments will fly by if you don’t take notice.

This post was also a little inspired by a Problogger newsletter article I read. Thanks heaps :)





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A reason to plan

October 27, 2011

Sometimes we think the day has just slipped by.

Are there not meant to be 24 hours in the day?

Where did it go? I swear there are meant to be a few more spare hours….

Running around, one appointment to the next, one meeting to the next…. no sooner has the day begun the day has ended.

6:46pm and this post is now up.

I didn’t plan today’s day. I didn’t plan ahead.

I know I needed to be taking Planning With Kids advice… plan… simple right?

Planning can reduce stress… that feeling of… “ohh crapp”…. is somewhat reduced… so I here!

So I need to plan.

My goal. Plan.

Tonight I must think what can i do before bed?

What can I plan for the day tomorrow?

I even bought a Planning work pad to help me on my journey…


So tell me, what are your tips on planning ahead? Or does that thought just not come to mins?