Xmas Christmas Series: 75 gift ideas

75 gift ideas

This week is all about gifts for him and her. So without any further adu…. for her: 1. A massage 2. Cooking class – you could also do this together as a couple 3. A new frypan she has always wanted 4. A new necklace 5. A new bag 6. A new bracelet 7. Dear […]

Christmas celebration idea series

xmas celebration series

Christmas is not far away. In fact, there are only…. So let’s get the christmas planning started. Because there is nothing worse then worrying about christmas presents, decorations, or anything in-between at the last minute. So for the next 6 weeks, I will be putting together some of my favourite ideas for the christmas season. […]

xmas is coming

christmas planning

And so is a new series of christmas celebration ideas. Let the planning begin! Are you planning yet for christmas? Linking up with My Little Drummer Boys, Sakura Haruka, Jenni from the blog, Cookin for my Captain,Three in Three, Sarah Halstead, and Project Alicia ***** {image 1. found via Pinterest / 2. Image by everythingleb via interest} Follow my blog with Bloglovin

How to pack your luggage in under an hour


Kristy Alexander shares her tips on how to pack your luggage in under an hour. With just a few simple planning tools, it does not have to be the stress before the holiday begins… Packing luggage for a family trip doesn’t have to be stressful or confusing. By keeping two main principles in mind, it’s […]

online discount shopping – my little obsession

Shopping trolley on button of computer keyboard

I love on-line shopping. It is my little obsessions since I had children. I guess I am one of those typically time poor mums who wants a good bargain. After much contemplation, a small purchase, now my purchases on-line are just endless. It is my little weakness! With packages getting regularly sent to my hubbies […]