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It is one of those questions and factors in life that many probably would not want to consider, let alone talk about over dinner. The truth is, there are times in life where you have to consider and talk about some tough and challenging topics.

The other month I heard a shocking story in our community where a husband, friend, father, son dies suddenly when on holidays with his family. He was young, in his thirties, a father of three and happily married. Sudden. Tragic. He suddenly left behind his wife and three young children. The community rallied together to provide support and assistance. Funding pages were set up, meal plans were created and community events were created to build charity and support for this family. The response was incredibly overwhelming with thousands of dollars raised. It was inspiring. It is the essence of community.

The tragedy, however, is not in isolation. I see regularly in the paper, magazines, on my Facebook News Feed of other sudden losses and heartache that family members are having to endure and find their road through. My heart aches as I ask myself, ‘what if this was me?’ To think how in a second, life can change, be stripped away from you and everything as you know it is gone. As I write this, I am even getting some what emotional.

Every day I tell myself to be grateful, to enjoy the moments around me and ‘not sweat the small stuff’, as truth is, it can happen. To anyone, any day. I have the most incredible husband who is the main income earner for our family while I divide myself between business, parenting, and everything else in between. Without him, we are screwed.

My husband and I actually spoke about life insurance recently. We are now at the stage of our lives, with two young children, that we needed to ask ourselves “What if?” And so we have asked. We have assessed. We have considered. Having a sense of financial security for not just each other, but for the children, if one of us passes is something that relieves a lot of worry. Of course, we hope to never have to implement such insurance, but it is there. And we know it is there. We have insurance for our car, why wouldn’t we have insurance for our lives. Is there such a remarkable difference?

It is about knowing your family is secure. It is about knowing that what you have worked so hard for is protected financially. Allianz Australia Life Insurance requires no medical or blood tests to apply and you can get a quote in under a minute.

Think about it… a little saving and investment each week to know that you and your family is secure in the future. For more information see Allianz Australia.

Note: Every family situation is different. Speak to an Allianz customer support member to find out the best cover for you and your family.

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  • Rebecca Bowyer

    My husband has life insurance. I’ve got a decent superannuation account that would help out with boys. I may end up getting life insurance at some point as well though. #TeamIBOT

  • NormalNess

    I’ve thought about if I need this – but then I think of all the types of insurance I could need and what it would cost and it just ends up looking totally affordable when you add it up.