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those important people in your life…


I got thinking

I got thinking about the important people in my life. The ones that left something truly valuable with loads of inspiration. Wisdom, honour, memory.

Different people play different roles. different people have different impacts and different inspiration. A special place, a special bond, a special memory.

You see I sat at family table on Saturday night listening to memories of my husband’s grandmother. Everyone had a different story. Everyone had a different memory. Everyone had something special with their nan.

To listen, to be a part of this story telling, to hear the emotion, to feel the emotion… this was truly an honour.

I got thinking…. what a remarkable women. What an incredible women.

I got teary, I got emotional, I felt the emotion… you couldn’t not.

The importance of memories is just … well…. I can not put words to it. Not only for us, for our own memories and our own value, but for our children. How we may parent because of this someone special. Or how we may choose not to parent.

The mark, the lifelong significance, the connection that continues on and on and on.

What are your significant memories? How do they shape your current way of life? Or maybe they don’t. Maybe the memories are there is a storage box, a treasure chest that you can open and close as you please.

Maybe that significant person pops up in our life when we least expect it.

Maybe that someone significant is someone we have never met, but aspire to, inspired by.


Inspiring people.

Treasures that are left behind for years to come….



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  • Cherie @ a baby called Max

    How beautiful.

    She does sound like an amazing woman!

    That’s all you can hope for in life: making an impact.

    And it sounds like she did just that :)


    • Tahlia

      I think she certainly did. x

  • Jen R

    My best friend inspires me daily, her husband became a high level quadraplegic 9yrs ago, she is simply amazing every single day with what she does to care for him and their 2 girls, talk about strength of character!

    • Tahlia

      sounds like a truly inspiring person with incredible strength.