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The summer holidays are nearly over and the new school year is about to begin. In case you forgot the memo, in two weeks the kids are back at school {laughs and cries at the same time}. While our kids might be excited and maybe a little nervous, us mums are running around trying to get organised.

When my daughter started Prep last year I literally had no idea as to what and how to prepare. Now, I feel a little more prepared {just a little}. I have begun my labelling process. Yes, Tip #1. Ha! Yes, those school labels need to get on the clothes, NOW, and not the night before day one. From school shoes, tops, pants, pencils, books…. It is label time.

First week at school for my daughter there was a missing hat. The first week! Did not even get through the first week! We were fortunate to find it a few days later on her bag hook, but it was all because of that little label. Invest in good sturdy labels like the ones from Bright Star Kids so that you have everything covered. Even right down to a pair of swimming goggles – Ahhh Ha! The nifty Bright Star Kids tiny labels are the perfect size to stick on the side of the band. Even though the labels are completely waterproof I like to wrap an extra layer of sticky tape to ensure that it will always stay in place as it’s constantly being stretched over my kids head. Seriously, it works!

I guess I am lucky in that my daughter doesn’t have her own pencil case and pens yet {not envious of mums who have to label all those bits…}. But labels are just fabulous! They go on our lunchboxes, books, activity books, and even lunchbags.

Yes, lunch boxes. For some, they are the dreaded weekly routine. Tip #2: Make lunchboxes simple! I have to admit, I am not one of those mums who has a Sunday bake off and cooks for the school week (I envy you). We just kind of keep it simple. Fortunately, my kids like simple lunches too. Prepare the lunch boxes the night before and the morning routine similarly becomes a lot more seamless and stress-free {tried that one a few too many times too.}

Tip #3: Create some clear routines and boundaries. The school term is hectic and kids get tired! Be aware and enquire about how your child’s teacher manages good and bad behaviour so you can reinforce and communicate this at home. Give them their time to play and unwind and be clear in what your expectations are. Their mind is racing and it is our job to help them focus and point them in the right direction.

Tip #4: Create a family calendar: From swimming lessons, piano lessons, gym classes, sport, play dates…. It doesn’t stop! And that isn’t even including YOUR calendar and schedule. Get everyone on the same page and understand what and when things are on. There are plenty of family calendar ideas and planners around from the good old paper to the family sharing apps. Find something that works for you and your family. You might save yourself repeating something over and over again {or maybe not}.

Enjoy these last few weeks and Do IT NOW! Label.


Brought to you by Bright Star Kids. Who also have an awesome label kit special priced at $44.95 for over 190 labels. You will be totally sorted with this pack!

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