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what they don’t tell you about baby no. 2


If everyone told you everything about the impending arrival of baby no.2 and how different life would be, I think those anxiety levels would escalate twofold. But now three months in, I have a more solid idea of what people don’t tell you about baby no. 2.

1. Sleep deprivation should be given a new name with a new meaning. How about broken deprived and zombie sleep.

2. There is such a thing called a “tag team”, sometimes to the point where there are constant hand hits that your eldest is soon copying your actions. My admiration goes out to all those parents who do it on their own. Don’t know how you do it. You need an extra medal!

3. Having a shower becomes even more of a luxury. And as my husband would say, having five minutes on the toilet becomes more of a privilege let alone a necessity. Forget about reading your daily paper there too. Sorry! I have two children screaming!

4. There are times you realise you are “shhhing” in places and times that you so should not be.

5. The dreaded ‘sleep school’ you swore you would never end up in becomes a very big reality.

6. “Well you can’t get two good sleepers in a row”, says your mum who thinks she is giving you solid and concrete advice. Thanks for the encouragement mum.

7. Multi-tasking has a whole new dimension! Try cooking, preparing and rocking your baby to sleep… seems easy right. Ohh and add a nappy change in there too.

8. There is such a thing called “two much love”. A few extra hits, pats and big squeeze bear hugs makes a baby stronger and tougher right?

9. The constant demands are endless. Changing nappies for two, burping, feeding, preparing lunch, breakfast, dinner, shhing and patting (well trying to for maybe a minute), entertaining, supervising, cleaning up the playdoh that has managed to get from one end of the house to the other, wiping more poo, dealing with two year tantrums…. *sigh*… there really is not much time for anything else. There is a reason why they call this the hardest job on the planet.

10. When you think you are not in the mood.. start reading fifty shade of grey. You may be surprised how your mood suddenly changes… even on that sleep broken deprivation feeling.

What did you learn about baby no.2 (or three) that no one told you?


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  • Aletta

    My husband said when my second son was born, that the only place where he can get back his peace of mind is the toilet… Sometimes, it was really hard with two toddlers, but we had got some ours early in the morning for relaxation.

  • Hannah

    If there were enough upheaval in our lives when our eldest was born, everything really went crazy when our second arrived. It kinds of gives me respect for large families who were able to survive despite all those phases.

  • Cherie @ raising master Max

    My husband is ITCHING for number 2.

    But I haven’t got over the anxieties associated with just … becoming a Mother in the first place. TO ONE CHILD!

    Before we consider adding any to our brood, I’ve told my husband he needs to retire from football, because it makes me feel like a single parent.

    And yes, single parents deserve the SHINIEST of gold medals.