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There are certain things that really frustrate me. I mean really frustrate me. Sometimes at that moment I just have to bite my lip, hold my tongue, or escape to the shower and just scream. You may see me jogging down the street to relieve some of that frustration too.

But what really bugs me …

1. When my son thinks being held by me all the time is the next big thing of awesome things to do. Being put down results in world war three of screaming.

2. Holding a straight face is absolutely necessary at times, while being firm and disciplined. But those cheeky three year old ways makes those parenting morals go straight out the window. It is kind of funny, and I can’t help but laugh at the same time.

3. Trying to communicate to your husband that three stories suffices, not ten, and she will constantly ask for more just to stay up later at night. That is called the three-year-old-manipulation way.

4. Explaining to your mother that giving sweets and lollies to your child just before she drops her home after a day at her house is totally not okay as I am the one who has to deal with the hyperactive child, not her.

5. Trying to explain to your mother and in-laws in general that there are so many other ‘sweets’ you can give them, it does not have to involve sugar. Buy her a new colouring book, she will be a little girl in a lolly shop and you will still relish the same wonderful rewards.

6. Feeling frustrated is just the way it goes somedays, and that is kind of frustrating. But the moment I began to accept this, it kind of made the whole frustrating thing a little easier.

7. When your child gets picked on, a little bullied, that feeling of helplessness creeps in. Frustration is sometimes feeling stuck, a little lost and uncertain what to do.

8. That odd piece of lego is left out, and you just happen to step on it in the middle of the night while attempting to go to the bathroom, in the dark. Ouch.

9. Your bed is no longer just your bed. It is a storage compartment, a play den, a jumping castle, a place to fold the washing, a working space, and a place for the dog to escape.

Spill…what frustrates you most about being a mum?

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  • Alex aka WHOA MUMMA!

    Kids on my bed drives me absolutely bananas. It is supposed to be my refuge from all these little people yet every night it turns into a trampoline, a fort, place to hide biscuit crumbs…

    • tahlia @ the parenting files

      Yep! I hear you! Although our bed is usually that place during the day or the morning. Why is mummy and daddy’s bed so interesting…. ?

  • Elise @mummy hearts money

    Oh lego, one of my pet peeves. I hate stepping on lego, and the smaller it is the more it seems to hurt!

    • tahlia @ the parenting files

      I know… The smaller ones are the killers. And the toy cars are not much better either!

  • Kelly

    Those things all drive me insane except for the husband book one. My son knows it one book at then it’s sleep. I know the Lego one :)

    • tahlia @ the parenting files

      Kelly what are your tricks on the one book ritual? Please tell! We have constant back and forth conversations about the number of books. Hubby is about 10, I am less; but still…

  • Danya Banya

    hahaha Tahlia, yup, I get frustrated no end too! Except for the Lego – we don’t have any in our house yet… The other thing that frustrates me is that my body isn’t my body anymore. I get poked and proded and climbed over all the bloody time. Argh!

    • tahlia @ the parenting files

      Climbing tree we are! And lately I am the tree to hold the koala bear who not leaves the tree to eat… Arggghhh….

  • JodiGibson (@JFGibsonWriter)

    Not being able to have five minutes peace when I want to.
    Having to referee tantrums and sibling fights. Why can’t they just get along?
    Having to pick up after everyone….again!

    Okay…rant over! Thanks for listening.

    • tahlia @ the parenting files

      No keep going…: we all need a rant! Those five minutes are never quite the same. I try and tell the kids I am going to the toilet…I don’t get success all the time… But I know what the men mean when some say the toilet is the only place for peace and quiet…::

  • Kylie @ A Study in Contradictions

    Number 6. I totally get that, I felt the same way but now that I just accept that it is going to happen life is that little bit easier. And I experienced a bit of number 7 today at a parenting morning tea. Punky wasn’t being picked on, but there were quite a few older kids who thought nothing of just grabbing stuff that she was playing with right out of her hands, or getting in her way and not allowing her to keep pushing around the trolley or pram that she had. The fact that she was already crying every 5 mins because this week has just been one of those weeks, and I was seriously shitty at those kids for just not leaving her alone but didn’t feel confident enough or like it was my place to say anything so all I could do was just pick her up and try to calm her down.

    • tahlia @ the parenting files

      Those moments are hard. At times you feel you are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Sitting back is never easy. I can’t do it. I am often telling other kids at the indoor play centre to be careful around the baby or to not jump a
      Centimetre from him.

      It is more of a protection for my bub, but not easy. It is frustrating at times! And having ‘those’ kind of weeks is always the cherry on top to make it that little more challenging.

      I hope next week is a better one xxx

  • Annaleis from Teapots and Tractors

    Oh Tahlia I think you may have been reading my mind with many of these. And why is the Mother always steps on the lego piece on the floor?

  • Sonia Life Love Hiccups

    Oh yeah – how I hear you. I am awful at keeping a straight face. I rouse on them and they go all quiet and stare at me, and then I lose it and start laughing and so they start laughing and playing up again and it starts all over again. I figure I’m not gonna fight these first 18 years, its a losing battle lol xx

  • Lisa@RandomActsOfZen

    Tahlia, I’m nodding along with these, and now I’m dealing with a 10 year old who constantly questions every little decision!
    I’m terrified about what the teen years will bring! xx