WIN!! Fabulous hair clips for girls

2012 is going to be a year of some fabulous giveaways! I am very excited! I am pumped!

One of my goals for this year is to offer my fabulous readers some exciting fabulous giveaways that promote happiness, wellness, goodness and fun. All things family and parenting and enjoyment really :)

So to kick of the year with fabulous giveaways I am offering these fabulous hair clips for girls by the lovely Courtney from A Little Bit Craftsie?

She also makes jewellery by the way… ill get to that shortly.

Now I know i am obviously ruling out all my mummies to boys (sorry), but these are just soooo cute.

I have to be honest with you though, Little E is not a huge fan of clips in her hair at the moment. I think it is the whole curly thing going on and things getting caught and tied up. But when I manage to distract her I can leave some clips in.

If only she knew how not having a piece of hair dangling down her face would make visibility so much easier….

These clips truly stay in. And with a little distraction on my end (including the piece of toast) there was no mucking around and having to go back and reapply them into the hair. This is essential for my Little E.


The bows are my absolute favourite. They are just precious to put simply! But the micky mouse shaped clips are an extra little treat as well!

For all those mums out there that have little girls that love their hair clips and hair accessories, these are just an absolute wonderful addition to the collection.

And for the older girls, I also have these gorgeous little earrings. Have to say, I have not tried and tested these, but they are just supper sweet. And not over the top either which is always a good thing!

I am giving all these hair accessories and jewellery away to one lucky winner. All you have to tell me:

do you have a special way to store all your daughter’s hair accessories? If so, how?

I came across this image on pinterest of a wonderful way to store hair clips. I just love it! Be sure to share you special storage solution.

So here is the fine print…

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Note that previous sign up to Google Friend Connect will not be accepted.

2. Leave me a comment telling me your special storage solution. If you don’t have one, that is fin, and leave a comment anyway :)

3. Competition closes on Thursday 26th January at 6pm AEST.

4. The winner will be drawn at random and announced via the parenting files website. The winner will have 5 days to  make contact providing their postal address.

Happy hair clipping xx




  • Effie

    I have a decorative wooden mini chest of drawers in the bathroom, and each drawer contains one type of hair accessory: bands, clips, scrunchies, etc. This is a very neat way to store my daughter’s things, and the drawers are generous enough to stop everything getting tangled!

    Thanks for the giveaway, and I subscribe to your newsletter.

  • Cindy

    Such a nice giveaway! These clips are really beautiful. And you models are really adorable, they’re all so cute:)

  • teresa hogg

    i have made my daughter a princess style hair clip case that she loves

  • Joanne Pendock

    l have a soft belt hanging from the picture rail in my daughters room and l use that to clip all their hair clips on.

    The clips are pretty to be displayed and are available for easy access.

    The belt also makes it easy to put the clips away and in their place when l find them left behind in the bathroom lol hmmmz

  • Joanne Pendock

    also must add that like Effie l have a drawer that’s divided for scrunchies and hair bands…..

    regards joanne :)

  • Tina

    These are so pretty! I especially love the bow clip.

    I use a mix of clear acrylic drawers (eg from Howards Storage World) and flat white plastic baskets (eg Decor).

  • claire evans

    mousey clip is so cure, my girls will go squeekers for these. We use a utensel draw divider for ours. The plastic ones you put your knives and forks in.

  • Ying Ying TAN

    I have on display a long hair wig where I clip all mine and my daughter’s hair clips.

  • Larabelle

    This is so coincidental – just before Christmas, I’d had enough of Miss Five’s hairclips being scattered throughout her room (in fact, the house) so I asked my Mum (I’m a hopeless sewer) to make a little ‘hair clip wallet’ – basically a fabric rectangle (Mum actually did two layers with a little wadding between) folded in half and a press-stud to close. Inside it has three strips of stiffened fabric that are simply stitched in the middle and at each end for clips to be clipped onto. This probably makes no sense, but it is so useful and clips are now stored all together.

  • Fiona

    Aww these are so cute. My girls have the blonde curls going on too. Now though they love hairclips and ponytail holders (elastics). We have all of ours in 2 lovely jars (1 each girl) inside of a nice basket that you can see on top of their dresser. Their clips are in jewellery boxes (old fashioned adult ones that we decorated) for ring storage and in pairs, when one loses a mate, it goes in our random jar. So all the pony elastics, scrunchies, etc look colourful and contained in the jars and the clips are kept sorted in the jewellery boxes, in pairs and ribbbons are on a clip that is attached to a canvas I decorated above that.

  • Liz

    Cute hair clips! My storage solution is a clear make-up box that I purchased from Priceline…. it has drawers so we can sort her hair accessories however we fancy :)

  • Narelle Rock

    we use a jewellery box to store all the clips and ties, one that has little drawers in it for all the little earrings and bobby pins too. These are gorgeous!

  • Natalie B

    I’ve tied a piece of hair ribbon from the rail next to my daughter’s clothes and clip her hair pretties onto that. I also have a largish collection of my own.. and use a little drawer divider in the top shallow drawers of my dressing table. I saw someone the other day with bobby pins in an upcycled Tic Tac container which I thought was brilliant!

  • Claudia Ewers

    Similar to my ‘sewing box’ solution – I use a fishing case. It’s hard plastic with a proper lid that snaps shut. It’s the kind that when opened, the separate compartments concertina upwards and open to reveal three levels of storage. I have one for all my needles, thread reels and spare fabric/buttons and another for all my little girls hair bands and clips. She loves pink so has decorated it herself with pretty pink stickers and ribbons.

    I have also subscribed to your email newsletters! Thanks :)

  • Rhianon

    I had no idea how to store them, so I found my husbands old school tie, tied it , looped it around the curtain rod and and viola! Hair clip tidy!

  • kerry santillo

    My storage solution is a tackle box!! I can find and see everything at a glance and it can be kept in the cupboard. Havnt lost one yet ♥
    thanks for a chnace am following gfc and subscibed ♥