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    Brought to you by Skin Doctors

    For years and years I have been trying skin care and beauty products after skin care and beauty products in the hope that my tired dark eyes and complex skin will form into that radiant glow looking face. Ha! Wishful thinking, I know. But I am pleased to say, that I have been fortunate enough to have discovered Skin Doctors and my skin is not too far off that radiant glow.

    For the last month I have been using the Ph Balancing cleanser to clean away all that grime, dirt, build up oil and extra makeup that I am too lazy to take off the night before. I am personally loving this product. I have also been using the Eyecircle cream in hope that these dark circles of mine will magically disappear – I think this one is a work in process and may take a little while – and the Supermoist SPF 50 on a daily basis.

    skin doctors supremacist

    As a mum, it is sometimes so hard to find that extra moment to cleanse and take care of your skin. I for one only use products that are quick and easy to apply. Think 3-minute makeup routine and a 2-minute makeup cleanse and wash. I just don’t feel I have the time or the energy. However, I know I still have to take care of my skin, especially when it comes to skin protection from the sun.

    I read articles and magazines about tips and tricks to achieve that perfect “glow” and perfect “radiance” to your skin. However, I ask myself, “Is that a mother with two young energetic kids that squeal, run, don’t walk, argue, bicker and tantrum every moment of every day?” Hmmm… probably not! And if they are that person, and have this “radiant” and “perfect” glow, well they then just have good genetics. I just want to find a product that works for my skin, doesn’t give me breakouts and makes my skin feel at least smooth and fresh at the end of the day.

    A cleanse routine… maybe I have one, maybe I don’t. But I know that at this present moment, my skin is happy, and if my skin is happy, so am I.

    Have you got a cleansing routine? Time for a change? Think Skin Doctors. 

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