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bouncing back

bouncing back


I totally want to quit today. I am kinda over everything feeling like failure, disappointment & constant let down. It was just the other day that everything was appeared to be going smoothly. And then… BAM! Just like that it all went to s*^*. And I have fallen into a heap.

Bless their souls, my little munchkins have been doing nothing but hitting, pinching, bashing, screaming,… and everything else in between. If there is five minutes of peace, I am winning. It usually invokes “Mum, A hit me. Mum, E pulled hair. A, give that back… MUUUMMMMAAAA!”.

There seems to be a wave of constant slamming, bitching & just bad mouthing going around. My business I am trying to get off the ground has been side-swiped with some internal challenges & questions that are hanging over our head. And now I think my kids are getting sick on the week I actually have a tone of work to do with back-to-back meetings {I have currently up’d the manuka honey & vitamin intake}.

I kinda want to just quit.  But then that’s when my resilience muscle kicks in, I take a breathe, down a glass of wine over dinner, organise catch up with girl friends for later in the week & then bounce back into work, firing off emails, tweaking business plans and strategising for the weeks ahead.

This parenting gig has taught me a lot, including the importance  of resilience, not sweating the small stuff, letting go of things I can’t control, & focusing on the direction I wish to head towards.

Today, I wanted to quit. Today I didn’t really see the good in people & the world around me.

But then I am reminded of this quote: “Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?” by L.M. Montgomery. 

Tomorrow is a new day.

But before I go, tell me how you kick in your resilience muscles…? 

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  • Deb @ Inner compass designs

    Big hugs. I think you summed it up pretty well. Especially with parenting thank god the sun sets and tomorrow is a new day and the kids never hang on to what happened yesterday. The new day can be awesome xxxxx

  • Eva Lewis

    Oh love, I know exactly where you’re coming from, it happens lots with me too. I often find myself questioning things (actually I have been lately). The advice I have been given is to just take a step back, have some time out, regroup and then you will hopefully feel more positive and focused. But in saying that, it’s also very hard when you have kids that play up and get sick….I hope it all gets better for you.

  • Josefa @always Josefa

    Ahhh days (and weeks) like these are super hard. Sometimes they feel so unfair we just want to throw everything in. There are many moments when I feel exactly the same way. But then something happens, ever so small and it is the flicker of hope I need to hang int here. Like your beautiful quote at the end – a small flicker of hope to hang in there xx Josefa #teamIBOT

  • Jodi Gibson

    Big hugs to you Tahlia. Sometimes life throws so many curve balls you just want to run and hide. That is a wonderful quote to live by, and I’m sure tomorrow will be brighter xx

  • Hugzilla

    Oh gosh, I hate those days. My solution is to throw the boys in the pram and go for a run with my headphones on. A change of scenery, a bit of fresh air, those runners endorphins and some good tunes make all the difference here.

  • Lisa

    I have wanted to quit a couple of times when I started my writing services business-I had a few stop-start issues. This is going to sound a little airy-fairy, but when I am in a heap, the universe tends to throw me a small but vital opportunity that encourages me to keep going. Often if I step away from things for a day or two, look at what I need to do with fresh eyes, then the new resolve and determination kicks in. Hang in there.

  • Sandra Kelly

    Love your honesty! Some days are just arrrrgh! And I don’t reckon we should beat ourselves up about them… just do the best we can, swear some, self indulge and get up tomorrow and face the new day… hopefully it won’t be stuck on rinse and repeat ;-)

  • Sonia@ LIfe Love and Hiccups

    Oh babe – big hugs to you! I often feel like that and yesterday I finally figured out the truth to picking my battles when it comes to the kids. I hope today is much better for you gorgeous xx