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  • easy vegetarian lasagna
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    easy vegetarian lasagne

    My boys love this dish but more importantly my meat loving husband also gobbles it down. This lasagne is full of veggies and even my green averse son will happily eat…

  • easy apple muffins
    Every Day

    The best apple muffins (and so moist)

    Sometimes we all need a gorgeous apple muffin recipe. In all honesty, my muffins can be hit and miss. Sometimes they are AMMAZING. And sometimes they are a total failure. But…

  • easy meatballs
    Every Day

    Cheesy Lamb Meatballs

    These lamb meatballs are easy to make and very versatile. My boys love these tasty little balls and I serve them up with either pasta or mash potato and usually some…

  • easy and quick pizza
    Every Day

    20 minute one pan pizza

    I think I have discovered a winning dinner dish. When my girlfriend showed me this 20 minute one-pan stovetop pizza recipe, I have to admit that I was a little sceptical.…

  • Easy mini pizzas
    Every Day

    Super quick individual pizzas

    By Nicole Quince My boys love these pizzas and they don’t even realize they are getting a full serve of vegies. I make a batch of the tomato sauce and then…