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I have a little secret to tell you. I don’t celebrate Christmas. Our family celebrates the opportunity to spend time together and enjoy each other’s company.

So in all honesty, I am a little behind on the whole Christmas shenanigans and have not really thought about the whole holiday.

But, I know that Christmas has some special moments, meanings, values and loveliness to many people.

I know that for some there are long lines of family transitions and values.

Family, food, special times, togetherness.

I also know kids love the whole Christmas making and Christmas festivities that come with this holiday.

So I celebrate playing, learning, creativity.

So today I am celebrating these three fabulous words

from Kate at Picklebums

Maybe a letter to Santa?

Or how about putting that extra creative hat on and making a snow dome… thanks to the How To’s provided by Childhood101.This is super cool I think!

or some fabulous christmas printables to play and create and inspire

(from peoniesandpoppyseeds)

And you don’t have to be into christmas to be making cakes or Kate’s Puddle and Gumboots shortcakes.

Kids love anything creative. Creativity is the best thing for kids. Playing and inspiration is the best thing for kids.

That is the thing about holidays. Any one can take part in the festive season. Create. Learn. Play. And be Merry. Even for a non-celebrator like me :) x

What fabulous christmas traditions do you share?



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  • Grace

    Being Indonesian, my family don’t really celebrate Christmas. New Year’s Day is far more important and observed.
    We go to my MIL’s house for Christmas where the boys can have a taste for what Christmas is about. We’ve still yet to establish some traditions of our own as a family. I think putting up the Christmas tree this year will have the twinlets excited :)

  • Tina ~ Tina Gray {dot} Me

    That’s a lovely way to celebrate the holiday season, Tahlia :) And thanks for posting the photo of Christie’s snow dome. I’m adding that to the list of things to do.

  • Veronica @ Mixed Gems

    I’m just starting to look at Christmas traditions for my family since my toddler is old enough to get it now. I’ve a few ideas but scarily running out of time to do anything about them! EeeK!

  • Jess

    Being a Christian obviously Christma is by important to us! Not to mention I jut love it!
    Those short cake biscuits look divine by the way; I might have to find the recipe! :)

    • Tahlia

      Jess I think you will find the recipe from the photo link I posted. Can’t claim this one!

      Bee what beautiful traditions you have. How gorgeous, creative and special! And love the pj idea.. practical, useful and so snuggly! Nothing better! x

  • Bee

    I love creating new family traditions with my children, Every year the boys and I make three hand print wreaths. One for our house, one for my Mum, and one for my Nana in her nursing home. It’s a fun craft to do and they look great. Another tradition we have is opening one present before bed on Christmas eve, and it’s always a pair of PJs and a new story book. They put on their new PJs and we read their new book as they go to sleep full of excitement and anticipation. We also always buy a couple of presents for the Wishing Tree.

  • Sonia @ Life Love and Hiccups

    Christmas to us is about spending time together as a family and putting everything that normally takes up our time, on the backburner for a while and just spend some fun time appreciating waht we have in each other.

    I love anything I can spend time making with my kids, so thank you for the great ideas :) xx

    • Tahlia

      holiday time is so special and putting things on the back burner to dedicate special moments together is what it is all about xx

  • Gemma @ My Big Nutshell

    what a cool collection of activities you have there Tahlia!

    One of our family traditions is hardboiled eggs on christmas ham for breakfast with crusty rolls and champagne with orange juice. I have had that breakfast every christmas my entire life.

  • katepickle

    We are not big into traditional Christmas either… my girls still really don’t like Santa and we are not religious, and since it is usually hot here all those songs and cards with snow on them make no sense for us at all! So for a long time I struggled to find ways to make the celebration really meaningful for us as a family… we decided that what’s was important to us was to celebrate time with family and the end of the long hard working year, so we’ve created our own traditions around those things. Actually I wrote a post about it for Childhood101 which should go up next week :)

  • Kate @ Puddles and Gumboots

    I am a big Christmas person as you might have guessed :-D but the focus for me is spending time together as a family! Thank you for linking to my shortbread recipe :-)

    • Tahlia

      Thanks Kate for the inspiration!

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