colour me happy

colour me happy

In case you have not heard {or been living in a tent}, adult colouring books are like ‘IN’. As a kid, I used to love nothing more then getting my colouring book and simply colouring. I could go at it for hours…. hours. And now, I am pleasantly surprised to be able to find my own little happy place in the newest and most inventive colouring books designed for adults.

Research is continuing to say that colouring-in books are the latest weapon against stress. The process of sitting down, drawing within the line, ‘painting by numbers’ is a mindful experience that allows our body to unwind and de-stress. And it works, well for me anyway. There is nothing more I like to do then find a moment and colour. It is a moment to myself where I am absorbed by the pens, creativity and ‘staying in the lines’.


Every Mother’s Day I usually get a cook book from my husband. But the Mother’s Day just gone I received a colouring book. Since then, I have been hooked. The latest being an adult colouring-in by numbers has really grabbed me.

But if colouring-in for adults is showing to relieve stress and create a positive mindful experience, why is it not encouraged at kinders for children? This boogles me? My daughter and I find moments to sit at the dining table and colour. She is at it for hours, especially lately with a stolen sheet from my number book that she has surprising toped the charts in completing it relatively better then probably most adults. And my three year old has lately also begun to join us. For him, it is actually one of those few activities that allows him to sit {for more then 30 seconds} and concentrate on a task. He lies on the floor, sits at the table and to what I believe, is quite extraordinary in how well he colour-in. There is no scribble on his page.

colour me happy

colour me happy

So why are we encouraging it for adults and not children?

All I know is that we have found a colouring-in groove that provides us an opportunity to all participate in something together. Like board games, this is our little family activity.

And my ordinarily crazy, boisterous, can’t sit still, got ants in his pants three year old boy has found something that centres his mind and focus on something at hand. It has been the best discovery and creative project yet.

So while the debate continues and I still ask myself this question, I thought I would share with you my favourite colouring-in books {for adults} but supposedly for five year old too, as she is quick to grab a page and use the same book.

1. Secret Garden : An Inky Treasure Hunt and Colouring Book {just a personal opinion on this book… the pages have some kind of coating which makes it better for pencil and not textas}

2. The Art Therapy Colouring Book

3. Querkles Masterpieces {my current project} – Colour-by numbers

4. Enchanted Forest

Have you yet discovered adult colouring-in books yet?

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