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Dear Dad

Today I had the most incredible day. I got to school this morning and I was the first in line. Dad, I am never the first in line before the bell rings. We all worked together this morning to get out of the house early so I actually COULD get to the front of the line. Seth was even behind me. Ha, it was so much fun.

Dad, today our stick insect died. It was the boy one called Fuzzy. All of a sudden he just died. We don’t know why. But I think it is because the kids in the class don’t bring in the leaves regularly, enough. Mum kept reminding the teacher, and even I kept reminding the class. But there would be days where no fresh leaves were bought in. So that is why I think Fuzzy died. We spoke about it a little and how sometimes animals die for reasons we don’t know, and that they get old. Remember our other stick insect died a few months ago. We are not doing to well, are we?

Dad, today Sebastian didn’t want to play with me. I asked him if we could play footy together, but he just ignored me. Mum told me that sometimes other kids don’t want to play all the time and that that is okay. It is okay to not play with someone if you don’t want to, as long as you say it nicely and respectfully. However, Sebastian was not nice or respectful. He just ran away. That is okay, I played with Matt instead and he and I had this awesome footy game going on at the oval where we were trying to see how many kicks we could catch before dropping the ball. It didn’t get very far, but it was fun.

Dad, today I saw my buddy. We made cards together and he even gave me a card. It said, “dear Bruno, Happy 100 days at school. Hope you had an awesome day and remember it forever.” It was so nice. I am going to show it to you when you get home. I think I am going to make a similar card for Mum for her birthday.

Dad, today we took Walter for a walk after school. Mum surprised me and had Walter in the car when she picked me up. He always is soooo excited to see me in the afternoon. He jumps around, he smiles. When I put my bag in the boot of the car I always give him a hug. We then drove to the park and he just ran. I ran with him too and even threw the ball with him. We had so much fun.

Dad, today I helped mum at dinner time. It was my dinner ideas to make schnitzels. I cracked the egg and I had NO SHELL. I am getting better at it! What you do is this:

You bang the meat.

You coat it in flour.

You coat it in the egg and then you put it into the bread crumbs. That easy. Even you could do it dad.

Dad, we are about to sit down for dinner. Are you coming?

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photo credit: 27/366 – come sit down via photopin (license)

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