DIY: Valentines Day Love

valentines day

For some, Valentine’s Day is about getting those beautiful red roses, box of chocolates, and a lovely romantic evening with your partner. A day for just the two of you. But for others, it can be a little more. I have collected some of the best DIY crafting love ideas, that not only could you do, but if you have kids, they can do too. So get your crafting box out, your glue stick, and let’s get creative.

Firstly, don’t underestimate the beauty of some paint, paper and your hand. Get your hands dirty, and make a picture. And if you have a few stamps, stickers or other ‘love kind of things’, well, why not add that too.

valentine's day

Do you have a sweet tooth? Cupcakes are always a winner. And the beauty of cupcakes is, you can use any recipe. Just add a little decoration on top and you have a whole new looking, Valentines Day cupcake. You could make my orange and poppy seed cupcakes, or try Martha Stewart’s. Who doesn’t love a little frosting? Cookies are also a fantastic, ‘something special’, kind of treat. Glorious Treats shows you how to make the cookies, AND the coloured coating on top.

valentines day printables

A brown paper bag can also hold many uses. So why not create a little something special, with a few goodies inside, and your own personal message on the bag. The Sweetest Occasion have got a free printable, and step-by-step instructions of how to print this gorgeous message onto a brown bag. Too cute. Too special. Now all you need to do is think about what goes inside….

heart garland template

If you feel like a little extra decoration around the home, why not some heart garlands. You can string them horizontally or vertically, which ever way you want. Over the bed, in the bedroom, or maybe the kitchen? Today’s Mama have these as a free template to download, making it even more simple.

valentines day bookmark

And for those Valentines that are book lovers and love their reading, I have tracked down some bookmarks you can print, create and follow the step-by-step instructions from Positively Splendid. All you need really is a hole-punch, some ribbon and a lamination. I might just make a bookmark for myself actually.

That ‘outta get your creativity flair going a little.

Let me know how you go. Are you a DIY Valentine Day kinda person?

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