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Do birthday celebrations go a little far?

birthday celebrations

It was just the other day that a girlfriend told me that she was going to a friend’s one-year-old birthday party. The mother of this little person is a friend of her’s, not such a close friend or anything, but a friend. It was the point at which she told me that she believes there will be over one hundred people at this birthday party that my mouth dropped. One hundred people at attendance for a one-year-old birthday party?

Either I have possibly deprived my children of one of supposedly the biggest celebrations in a little person’s life, or I have totally missed the mark in what I thought was something gloriously special. I just have to wonder whether a celebration with so many people becomes special or stressful?

It was before I had children that I already swore to myself that I would bake and make my children’s birthday cakes each year for the duration of the festive party years. I remember my mum always making my birthday cakes, with one in particular that stood out; the Barbie doll with the big dress around her. Looking back through old photos I remember seeing my face and my mum’s face light up in admiration of the beauty and glory that was before my eyes; my birthday cake. The thought of cutting it was something quite horrific. And when my daughter turned two, two days before my little man was born, I experienced that same feeling that my mum experienced many moons ago. I saw my little girl’s face light up to the sight of the birthday cake that her mummy made.

Now, you can buy these cakes that in all honesty, look like mini versions of a wedding cake. All pretty fondant layers with figurines on top, many of which are outsourced and bought. I respect every mother’s decision, and especially those that may not be able to bake, or don’t have the time or desire to bake. But I wonder if those big smiles are the same as the ones experienced by that cake baking Mumma? The jury is still out?

Maybe I stand alone when it comes to birthday celebrations. For me, birthdays are for intimate friends and family to celebrate and experience together the joyous and milestone journey. They are not for every person in my contact list, friends of friends and friends of parents, grandparents and the like. It is my family and my child’s close friends. To me, celebrations are celebrations, and the moments captured when my children see their birthday cake that I baked. I want my children to know their birthday is special, have traditions shared and remembered. But then again, those big birthday celebrations with one hundred people or so will certainly be remembered too. I just wonder if that is the standard for every birthday to come?

I am expecting the looks of horror to soon come their way.


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  • Maxabella

    As long as everyone agrees that all the fuss and bother are for the parents, and not for the kids, I’m good with it. x

  • mamagoingsolo

    Great thoughts – I also have issues with hugely over the top birthdays for babies. And I fully intend to go on making birthday cakes for my darling daughter, even if they do all turn out to look like giant sea serpents instead of the very hungry caterpillar!!

  • Mardi Lee

    Such a great article! I started my business with exactly that in mind- I loved my parties in the backyard when I was a child, and I have carried that through with my own boys. My eldest will be 8 years old in a couple of weeks, and we have had so much fun with each party and cake for 8 years! He will still have a backyard party, which is becoming such a big point of difference compared to his friends’ parties and my husband and I love to be connected to the party by participating in the games. This is so that he can remember as a family how much fun he had celebrating his birthday with his parents and friends.

  • JodiGibson (@JFGibsonWriter)

    I do think that the innocence of simple parties has been lost. But each to their own I suppose. As long as the focus is on the child and everyone is happy and Mum not too stressed then all is good.

  • Sonia Life Love Hiccups

    And they just keep getting bigger and fancier the older they get. I am blown away by some of the outsourcing for kids parties. I dont mind making stuff for parties, in fact I love it, but I cant get my head around spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars. P.S I LOVE that photo of you guys xx

  • EssentiallyJess

    I am a huge fan of fun simple parties that are stress free. A few friends, pass the parcel, musical chairs and food that consists of fairy bread and cheezles. That’s it. It really does not have to be any more than that I think.
    And like you, I love the joy of seeing the kids see the cake I made them, and it’s one of their favourite birthday traditions now. That’s how it should be :)

  • Miss Cinders

    I think I’m thinking the same as you…

    Back in the days that we lived in suburbia – when we only had three kids – our friends and their kids would come over for cake and a play… but it was just like every other weekend anyway lol

    These days it’s just us with a cake I have made, and I like it that way. I know the kids would probably like a party with all the trimmings, but that’s saved for their 21st birthdays :)

    MC x
    #teamIBOT – Sorry for the late reply, has been a horrific week in my neck of the woods this week!

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