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Do we only get one chance?

one chance

Eminem once rapped “If you had one shot, or one opportunity, to seize everything you ever wanted, one moment, would you capture it? Or just let it slip?”

Well…. would you? Have you been presented with this opportunity? Did it pass you by? Do we only get only one chance?

I don’t believe we do.

Through this life we are faced with many challenges, hardships and forks in the road and each one is a chance. A chance to change direction, make a difference, turn a corner. A chance to jump and see what happens. Sometimes the choices are easy and some, most frankly speaking, are hard. But the thing is, even after we have made our choice and chosen our path we always get another chance along the track.

Life is a never ending path of chances and you are in control of your destiny. I do believe that fate brings us half the way, but in the end it is left to us to take advantage of what is thrown at us. To open our arms and embrace it with all our strength, or to shy away.

Sometimes though, it is hard to make a clear choice. There may be other factors, other people, and other feelings that we have to consider. During these tough times people are so consumed that they are often unable to think clearly and rationally. When our thoughts are overwhelmed with problems we are also unable to see the choices that lie before us. Often things simply seem ‘all too hard’. We become scared to take risks and unable make the hard choices.

But, even if you make a rushed decision or take a bad turn, there is always tomorrow.

Just look at the successful people around you. Not only the high flying business people or the popular celebrities of the moment, just the common Mum and Dad living next door. They have accepted their challenges and turned obstacles into opportunities. They have made mistakes, dusted themselves off and started again. They are making the best of what they have and forging ahead step by step, day by day.

We all have chances and opportunities, some bigger than others, but they are there; grab them with both hands. As the only chance we don’t have is another shot at life once it is over.

How have you taken hold of your chances lately?

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  • Sam Stone

    I don’t think I have recently. But I am in the process of change and hopefully it means taking some chances :)

  • Bec | Mumma Tells

    Leaping into chances at the moment… but this does not necessarily mean I have a hold on them. I’m leaping and hoping to find something to hold on to… if that makes sense…?

  • Mystery Case

    I’ve had so many opportunities thrown my way lately that I’ve had to turn down because you just can’t do everything. I tried taking on everything last year and almost burnt myself out.

  • Jen Hale

    So true. I really enjoyed this post. I think I’ve learnt to simply take things as they come and know that if it doesn’t work out its not that bad!

  • Rhonda

    Oh yes! I pitched twice in 7 days for the first time and hot a big YES. I’m volunteering my skills to be part of something bigger. It will help me build my portfolio, so yay!