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Dyson has come to the rescue

dyson dc54

Let’s be honest, no one likes cleaning {unless you one of those freaky people that relish the opportunity to turn up the music, get their dance shoes on and do it like those 1950’s tv commercials}. I don’t like it. I avoid every bone in my body to do it. But, I have two young children and one bug furry dog. Between the lot, there is a lot of food, crumbs, hair, dust and other bits and bobs.

The one little thing that tells me how dirty the place was and how long in fact I did actually leave the vacuuming , is seeing the big Dyson barrel full of everything. And it is full. And I think to myself ‘that is disgusting!’.

I have to admit, I have been a Dyson vacuum cleaner lover for years. About 7 in fact. My husband and I got our first Dyson vacuum cleaner as a wedding present. The DC28 has been the life saver over the years, picking up dog hair, food crumbs, more dog hair and more food crumbs. Let’s just say, it has been our little vacuum cleaner dream.

But.. it is heavy! At the time, this was the vacuum cleaner to get. It was the vacuum cleaner to get that would pick up all the hair, dust, grime, guaranteed. But it was heavy.

With time, comes advancement of technology, comes household items becoming smaller, lighter and more advanced. I am pleased to share my joy of the Dyson DC54 Allergy. Not only is it lighter than my predecessor, it is engineered for people who suffer from Asthma and allergies.

Some other little facts about this amazing little machine:

– It is approved by the National Asthma Council of Australia

– Part of Dyson’s upright and barrel portfolio, the DC54 Allergy expels cleaner air than any other cyclonic vacuum

dyson dc54


In our old place, our carpet literally showed every little bit of dirt. Every little bit. I was forever bending over, carrying, and wheeling around the big vacuum cleaner. It killed me. It did the job amazingly, but it killed me. I feel like now the vacuuming won’t be such a painful task, but rather {dare I say it} enjoyable experience. And when I have some little helpers only too willing to have their turn, it certainly makes the job even easier.

dyson dc54

I don’t think I will be getting out the vacuuming music and shaking my groove, but I can certainly guarantee the once often painful task will now be quicker and easier.

For more information about Dyson and to get your hands on one of these amazing little machines, click here.

Note: I was gifted with a Dyson. I was not paid for this review. All opinions are my own {and my children’s}.

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