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With easter coming up in the next few weeks it is a great opportunity to get the craft buckets, toys, and tables out and get crafty. Although I personally do not celebrate easter, I love the different easter craft ideas I have seen recently. These are a few of my favourites:

I just love this little easter egg basket. And after the festive season it can be used for so many different things as well – other collectibles, toys, other items that can be found in the garden….so multi purpose. You can find the instructions and printable here.


How about these fabulous handprint chicks. These are just fabulous and so so easy. Somehow I stumbled upon this crafty idea and just think it is fabulous. And you could even make it into a card if you do the card giving thing. Just add a little message or note:

“happy easter. Lots of Love”

Now I also have to share one of my childhood easter memories. This one is a little fiddly…. Ill try and remember the instructions….

Egg painting:

With a fine needle, poke the bottom of an egg. Give it a tiny little jiggle. You want to create a hole to let the yolk drain out. You may need to put a tiny poke at the top of the egg too. I think this is about pressure.

Slowly then blow the yoke out.

You could try a variety of ways of painting them.. I like the idea of placing them into a low and flat container and rolling them around. Or a painting tray.


Or  you could use toothpicks. This is maybe for the older kids


Once the egg  is hollow it is ready to paint. Be sure to have an egg cartoon handy to place the eggs in.

Other family holiday easter fun could be:

– go on an easter hunt

– make an easter tree from your painted easter eggs

– make some bunny ears

what you will need: 

. white cardboard

. scissors

.craft glue

. cotton balls

. pencils

 how to make:

. cut a strip of card about 2 inches wide and about 24 inches long.

. Make sure it fits on your child’s head before glueing it together.

. cut 2 bunny ears

. decorate the bunny ears with a little cotton wool or whatever takes the kids fancy

. then glue it to the inside of the band.

That is it!!! Easy peasy!

This is what I love about craft… you can make it as simple or as complicated as you like!

Do you do anything special for easter? Do you have any favourite easter craft ideas?

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  • Maxabella

    Looks like good fun! x

  • Michelle

    Thanks for your comment on my light pendant, you’ve made me feel a lot better … And now I feel like easter eggs even better :)
    (I tried to email you back but can’t find your email address anywhere! )

    • Tahlia

      No problem Michelle, glad to hear. It is an Easter egg feeling I think! xx

  • AI Sakura

    great Easter fun!! :) My Easter decorations are still up from last year btw.. saves me the trouble of putting them up this year haha ;p

    • Tahlia

      Gee ai, hat is impressive! Certainly saves u some time and gives u more time to make some new ones… Hehe x

  • Jess

    We have an Easter hunt every year as part of our family traditions. I love the chicks; might have to do that with the kids.

    Loving the new blog look btw!

  • Sonia @ Life Love and Hiccups

    Such gorgeous ideas here. We have a tradition in our Family where we all meet at my Mums and Dads on Good Friday and paint eggs. My mums has a massive basket of them and it is so much fun looking back at what we have painted for the past 20 plus years. The kids are usually just big blobs of colour as they are too impatient to let them dry between colours, but it is all fun. Thanks for the great ideas lovely xx

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