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christmas giving

This is my December column for 3000Melbourne Magazine. I thought I would share it with you here  for those that don’t live in the CBD of Melbourne.


Christmas is most often a time of joy, happiness, festivities, family and celebration, and a time to be and share the moment together.  The moment on Christmas morning of children opening their presents, ripping the paper and having nothing but joy on their faces, is a moment most parents look forward to.

But for some, unfortunately, they don’t get this moment. For whatever reason, for whatever tragedy that may have passed their way, Christmas is a time of sadness and sorrow, not joy and happiness.

So let this Christmas be a reminder that there are people worse off then you. Let this Christmas be a time of giving to others in need, and helping others in need. A present donated, old unused toys at home given away, a contribution, a song, and a gold coin given to the local charity box. It does not have to be much. But what is not much to you is the world to someone else.

Inspire others around you to give. Empower. Teach. Create. There is more to Christmas then the tree trimmings, the pudding, the gourmet food, or celebrating your family moments. Christmas should be about appreciating what you do have, showing this gratitude and expressing this gratitude. Something small in your life is something enormous to someone else.

So go on… what are you going to give this Christmas?  

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