Family Life

when grandpa comes to town


‘Oppa’ has been here for the weekend. Three nights and four days of pure fun, joy and that grandfather energy that no-one else ever seem to have. You see, Oppa lives in Queensland. And because he lives in Queensland we only get to see him maybe twice or three times a year. But when he is here, it is special.

Aeroplane dinner time. Or maybe a ‘helicopter’.

Swimming fun

Jumping in puddles

Gardening and lopping trees, with the little helpers below.

Bedtime stories with a special touch.

There is just something special. There is just something special about having someone not around regularly, visiting and then just dedicating that undivided attention to the little people in their life. For the entire time he has been here, the kids have had nothing but Oppa love bombing.

While missing the special people in our life is hard, the reunions are even more special. And it kind of makes you appreciate them just a little more.

Are you reuniting with family this holiday season? 

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