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Every Friday {well, most Fridays} my husband brings me home a bunch of flowers. They usually range from tulips, roses, lilies or a ‘variety’ bunch. In that moment he walks in the door with those flowers my face resonates joy and happiness, because, not only is he showing {and telling me} how much he loves me, I get excited by the blooms that will resonate joy throughout my home.

You see, flowers bring happiness. I mean, it is this little vase or jar of colour that sparks a ray of joy every time you notice them. Whether they are given to you, hand picked, collected at the market or picked from the garden, there is often a little story or moment of happiness behind every bunch of flowers.


Flowers in actual fact are good for our mental health. It is no surprise really when you recall the reactions you give, or get, on the delivery of flowers. Have you ever seen anyone respond negatively? Even if they may not be the most radiant smell or vibrant colourful blooms, flowers just have a positive energy in the home and the people living in it.

Lately, my daughter has begun to fall in love with selecting a bunch of flowers from the market too. When we ordinarily go for fruit and vegetables, lunch and coffee, she {nor I} can’t resist a visit to the flower stand. I give her a price limit and she selects the blooms. She stands there, she contemplates, she smells a few bunches, but often decides on the flowers that have the colours she likes. Purples, pinks and reds are her favorite and so therefore, there is no surprise that that becomes her selection.

She gives them to the lady to wrap, she holds them and begins to get excited about the flowers she too will have in her room in their own little vase in her own little room. Her rays of sunshine and joy.

There is no surprise really why bright red roses (and flowers in general) have been associated with the day of love on Valentine’s Day {although it is the one day of the year I tell my hubby to NOT bring me flowers. Ha!). There is no surprise that giving the gift of flowers often outway the gifts of chocolate .

Flowers in the home (or office/study/ anywhere really) are that little bit of luxury that brings an instant ‘pick-me-up’. Think of flowers as part of your own mental health well being treatment…. Or maybe that of a friend, family member or a stranger in an elevator {yes, I have heard of this happen before}.

Flowers For Everyone have a whole heap of flowers for every occasion that can be delivered right to your door. You can find out exactly where Flowers For Everyone deliver by clicking here. After all, there is sometimes nothing like receiving a delivered bunch of flowers with a sweet little card attached….

photo credit: Big Flowers Display via photopin (license)

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