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How safe is your car?

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About four years ago, my girlfriend was in a horrible car accident. She was a passenger to her husband driving and another car ploughed into them after running a red light. Totally not their fault. After spending a couple of days in hospital, she came out relatively well. She was lucky and so was her husband.

Hearing these kind of stories make my hairs stand up straight while giving me goosebumps. I think that night I also gave my children an extra (extra) long hug before bed. Because I think, Man I am lucky! I am very lucky to not have ever experienced such a horrific circumstance. But yet, each day, I hop into my car with my family and children without a second thought (most often) to the danger I am facing by driving and going onto the road. It is just one of those things I do.

Every day.

But yet, I now realise there is so much I should be considering when it comes to driving, my car and the safety of my children. We bought a new car last September. Not a “family” car, but a car that everyone can travel in for small trips. I distinctively remember asking about air bags and their locality, because one of the major reasons we needed to upgrade our car was because of the lack of airbags in the previous car.

Check. Check.

All good to go. I got told about all the fancy bells and whistles of the stereo, bluetooth capability, automatic windows etc etc… did I think to ask about the braking system? YUM>>…..

Little did I know that cars have distinctive braking systems that can most often be the crutch of a cars safety. Of course, yes, all cars have a braking system, but did you know that there is a system called the Autonomous Emergency Braking System (AEB)? I certainly didn’t. I mean, I am fortunate enough to know that the car I bought was brand new out of the dealership, but if I would have bought a second hand car, I may have missed a crucial ingredient to my cars safety.

We’ve all been presented with an unforseen hitch while on the road like a car that chops and changes lanes, a panicked person who pulls out of nowhere, or someone slamming their brakes.

AEB systems use sensors, radar, laser, or cameras to monitor for risk and detect potential collisions with other vehicles, pedestrians, or hazards. Although most AEB systems vary in their functionality, most systems will provide a warning (audible and/or visual) to alert the driver that danger is near. Systems will intervene and brake the vehicle automatically if the driver does not respond.

Although not available in every car make and model, it is definitely a system that is worth while looking into when thinking about purchasing a new car. Personally, if there is something that can only increase the safety for myself and my family when driving, I am interested.

No matter how safe a driver you are, unexpected dangers can come out of nowhere. Remember, check if your new car is equipped with Auto Emergency Braking (AEB) to ensure greater safety for you and your family.

How safe is your car? 

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  • Jody at Six Little Hearts

    Where I live, people drive like maniacs. There are a lot of tradies and the suburb is full of young people. Recently, an 11 year old girl at my children’s school was killed in a car accident. We attended the saddest funeral I have ever been to. The road situation scares me terribly here and we are planning to move soon, back inner where the speeds are lower and the drivers are a little more sensible. You are right in saying that unexpected dangers can come from anywhere. (Even the cars these people drive are older and minus many of the safety features of modern cars.) It astounds me to see the shocking driving I witness daily. Drive carefully people!

  • Alicia-OneMotherHen

    I have never heard of that braking system before. Sounds like a fantastic safety feature. I seriously don’t know if my car has it or not.