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how to grasp a childhood

how to grasp a childhood

It was just the other day mu husband set me a challenge; a no-phone Saturday. Since starting my social media manager role for a local travel agency, I have naturally been using my phone more. A little more.

Some days it is great, while others it is just really hard. While I enjoy my new role and all, there are days where I really want to throw my phone against a brick wall just to escape the constant social media interactions I am trying to keep up with.

I haven’t as yet. But I have started to implement my husband’s challenge. And let’s just say, it is bliss! There is just simple moments being taken in with no distractions. None.

And with this whole ‘no distraction’ challenge, I have had a few extra hours of pure silence up my sleeve that I have been using wisely. Cleaning and de-cluttering. It is kind of nice. And in the whole de-cluttering process, I came across a sheet of paper that I must have picked up from somewhere sometime ago. While reading it, I realised just a few things; one of them being how easy it is to miss the moments because of the distractions around us.

There are ways you can certainly miss a childhood. And being constantly on the phone, or any other device for that matter, is one way. But this is how you grasp a childhood:

Look into her eyes when she speaks to you. Your uninterrupted gaze is love to your child.

Take time to be with him, really be with him by giving your full attention. The gift of your total presence is love to your child.

Hold his hand, rub her back, and smooth his hair. Your gentle touch is love to your child.

Greet her like you missed her when she was not in your presence. Seeing your face light up when you see her is love to your child.

Play with him. Your involvement in his activities in love to your child.

Set an example of being distraction-free while driving. Positive role modelling behind the wheel is love (and safety) to your child.

Create a distraction-free daily ritual. Listening to what he has to say is love to your child.

Focus and smile at her from the stands or the audience. Seeing the joy on your face as you watch is love to your child.

The recipe for How To Grasp a Childhood requires only one thing: You must put down your phone. Whether it is for ten minutes, two hours, or an entire Saturday, beautiful human connection, memory making, and parent-child bonding can occur every single time you let go of distraction to grasp what really matters.

Do you have a distraction-free ritual in your family? 

extra note: if this piece of information is yours, please let me know. I would love to credit you. 

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  • Alex Laughs Ideas Inspiration

    Great ideas. Swimming pool interaction is great one on one time at our house (no phones – unless we’re trying to take funny photos). Or just going for a walk and looking at the things around the neighbourhood. Conversations tend to flow more freely when you’re outside.

    • the parenting files – tahlia

      If only we had a swimming pool… there are so many fond memories I have around backyard swimming pools. I think the whole concept of escaping the indoor chaos makes the conversations happen more freely…

      enjoy them xx

  • Jodi Gibson

    This is lovely. I’m going to print this out and put it on my office wall to remind me of these special things.

  • Alexa McAllister

    So true, the eye contact, showing that you are really there with and for them ….regards, Alexa.