Frozen Elsa Cake: How to

how to make a frozen cake


When I was a little girl, my mum used to make my birthday cakes every year. Every year. And one cake I remember in particular is the doll with the big dress. I loved it. And now, I am excited to make and bake my kids birthday cakes each year. Even with their birthday’s two days apart, I am out to make their birthday’s even more special with a special birthday cake.

This year, my challenge was an Elsa cake. Looking back, this was much easier then I thought. So how did I do it?

Check out this fabulous video here.

These girls are just so incredibly funny and creative. However, what I did differently was make the second cake in a round ceramic bowl. Somewhere, somehow, I stumbled across this idea because I knew I would destroy the cake by tying to make it into a dress shape.

Other tips:

1. Use packet cake mix {it just makes the whole experience just a little less stressful}

2. Put some ribbon around the cake joinery if they are a little uneven.

3. Frost with different shades of blue and get creative

4. If your elsa doll is just a little taller then the cake {like I did} prop the cake up on a board and put a skirt, ribbon or other decorative item around the bottom to hide the bowl

5. Have fun

 Have you made any fabulous birthday cakes lately?

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