i know we all need to take some time out


It seems easy doesn’t it. Take time out….

Go get a massage, get a facial, have a spa treatment, or even go to the gym, a walk, or a coffee with friends.

Yet we are constantly drawn back to the housework, preparing dinner, making those phonecalls to schedule appointments, tidying up the house, or dare I say it, working and writing our blog posts.

Why is it so hard sometimes to give ourselves permission to enjoy a little R ‘n’ R?


“I should be doing…!”

Having trouble relaxing?

My girlfriend is going away to Bali on Monday with her husband. Just them…. Yep… kids are being left at home with their grandmother….

The kids have their routine, still in school, pick ups are organised, even a 7 day meal plan is stacked up in the freezer….

Their first couple time alone, no kids, for 7 years (or 8, or more… )

Your probably thinking, “I wish I could do that”. But I wonder how easy or hard it will be for them to “switch off” and relax. Not worry, not keep phoning back home, and be able to just sit and relax…

We all need a break.

We all need our batteries recharged…

That energiser bunny is such a mythical figure…. keeps going and going and going… I mean, I want to know the secret of those that can just keep going, and going and going….

So here is my pledge….

I know we all need a break.

I know that a facial treatment for our skin and rejuvenation should be made mandatory.

I know that with a little planning and organising we can all get away for some R ‘n’ R

I know that I am needing to go have a nanna nap and I need to switch off and give myself permission.


I’m linking up again with Yay For Home for Things I Know

What do you know?


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  • Leah – Bogue Living

    I really really want to plan a getaway without the kids sometime in the near future. Maybe in January? The little boy still sleeps with us and all, but I think he could maybe manage a night. Trying to decide to trial one night and stay close by so if he’s beside himself he can come home or just bite and bullet and let the chips fall LOL

    • tahlia

      depending upon how game and daring you are would depend on how far you go… even a night out in a city hotel is always a special getaway and I know I have felt like it has been a true break :)

  • Nee Say

    How true! Even date night seems like too much effort to organise but I think it’s more about feeling guilty for doing something so self indulgent. Thanks for giving me permission :)

    • tahlia

      self indulging is important at the best of times! Hope you have now given yourself permission :) x

  • Kellie @ Three Li’l Princesses

    Oh my goodness, how funny. I’m using my Mother’s Day voucher (yes, it’s that old) to have a facial, pedicure and manicure tomorrow. I CANNOT wait!! :)

  • Kate Sins

    Yes yes YES, guilt-free kid-free time! Bliss. My girlfriend and I were talking today about planning a weekend away without kids (and husbands too!)… I’m reading your post as a sign that I need to book this getaway soon!

    • tahlia

      haha :) a weekend away even without husband…. a break x 2 hehe :) Enjoy enjoy and yes, book :)

      Kellie, enjoy your pampering tomorrow… this post obviously came at a good time :) xx

  • Rhianna

    I know that I love nanna naps and think they should be mandatory

  • Kristy @PampersandPinot

    Sometimes, just a simple break will do. Even if I just steal away for 10 minutes in my bedroom and lay on the bed, I always feel better for it.

    • tahlia

      Rhianna, totally agree!

      Kristy… if all you can get is a break away in the bedroom then that is better then nothing :) something so simple can make all of the difference :) x

  • Shae

    So true.

    Planning a weekend away with the huz in the next 6 months :)

    • Tahlia

      AMAZING!!! Enjoy!!! x

  • Lee

    I so know this. I just wish I had a live in nanny!

  • Sif

    Lol, i’m reading this because I was on my blog just looking at it thinking, ‘I haven’t posted anything today – I have nothing, I’m spent!’ then I saw this post in my sidebar… Dh and I have not been away together alone this century, not since before we had children… We’ve both had time alone without the kids – just not together… I feel sad thinking about that.

    • Tahlia

      I think it is time Sif. I hope you can give yourself permission and find the time to take some extra special couple romantic time :) xx

  • Kate @ Puddles and Gumboots

    I so need to take time out for myself, I am so guilty of the “I should be doing this”

    • Tahlia

      I think we all have a little guilt on that one Kate!

  • Laura

    Date nights for us are not a luxury but a necessity. We need the time out and so do the kids.

    With a small baby in the mix now we take what we can get – even a 2 hour lunch without any kids is enough to re-charge us for a while :)

  • Mandy

    I’ve discovered this in the last year or two, I do it, live it, time for myself and I believe I’m a better mother for it. My husband does too, the only thing we haven’t really mastered is together time out. give it time.

    • Tahlia

      Amazing Mandy. It is so important to take time out for yourself, and for you and your husband. Not only to be a better mother, but also a better person, wife and individual.

      I hope in time you can give yourself permission to have this ‘together time’. Thanks for stopping by Mandy :) x

  • Janelle

    Right, you’ve inspired me! I’m going to book myself in for a facial, or a pedicure, or something! And I’m going to think of absolutely NOTHING while it’s happening!
    Visiting you from DP blog carnival

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