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It was just the other day I went to pick up my daughter from school and noticed that she was in a different top to the one I dropped her off in. “What happened sweety?” I asked. I got paint all over my top. Ha! Yep. The top was covered in paint, with extra wetness to go with it.

My initial instinct was to throw out the top and not to bother about cleaning it. I mean, that is why she wears the tops she wears to kinder so as to not worry about paint, glue, glitter and everything else that may eventuate. But I didn’t. I took it home with the attempt to soak it in a bucket of Vanish Napisan to at least try and get the paint out.

Generally speaking, I know not to buy really expensive clothes for the kids and to not go overboard with what I dress them in. If not every day, at least every second, one of my children will come home with some sort of something on their clothes; glue, paint, glitter, mud, grass stains. It is just endless of what I expect on a daily basis.

I have to be honest, I am not one of those mums who has a paint smock. Yes, maybe I am a little crazy, but I kind of figure they are a little restrictive. The kids have specific clothes that I just don’t really care if they get dirty. Of course, the special dress is kept in the closet for non-painting experiences, but everything else is there to be used.

vanish napisan

But, with this kind of parenting philosophies comes regular cleaning. So over the years, I feel I have learnt a few things or two to try and keep clothes relatively clean and come up with some general stain removal tips along the way:

1. Soak in cold water

Don’t ask me where or who told me this, but somewhere along the grapevine I heard that hot water actually soaks in the stain, not remove it. However, I do believe warm water does work for some stains…

2. Soak for a good length of time

The longer you can soak something the more likely it is to remove the stain

3. Use the sunlight.

After soaking and washing, hang the garments in the sunshine. There have been numerous times I  have gone to collect the clothes and the stain has vanished. Literally. The sunshine has a secret ingredient

4. Add a little of Vanish Napisan to every wash. 

Because, a little extra boost to help remove the stains can’t hurt, right?

For extra stain removal tips and tricks, be sure to check out Vanish.

Do you have any tips to removal specific stains?

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