Family Life

life with two

life with two

I am going to be honest, it is not always easy with these two. Amidst the constant joy, beauty and absolute love, these two drive me up the wall constantly. From constant tantrums, “he hit me”, stealing toys, destruction of buildings, micro managing and constant overshadowing, there are days where all I feel like is a referee.

But then this happens.

This little piece of joy. This little of moment of love and play of wonder together.

It puts that referee job back back on the sidelines.

Tell me, what’s your little piece of joy in your kid packed life?

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  • allyt

    oh – the “he said” she said” he hit me” she kicked me” drives me bananas – and then one of the big ones will sit and listen to the littlest read, or they’ll go off to ‘splore together and my heart fills with happiness