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love my teeth

love my teeth

Let’s talk teeth.

It was last year that I looked in the mirror and realised how ‘not quite white’ my teeth really were. It was the first time I stood in front of the mirror just a little longer and observed my teeth, as opposed to my wrinkly eyes. It was the first time I asked myself if I could do anything to change it (my teeth, that is).

So I got to Google and started doing some research on how to get whiter teeth.

Acidic drinks… did you know that they can effect the colour of your teeth. Have you tried that coke test with the coin?

Red wine… well, I totally fail on that one.

Supposedly using straws with certain beverages helps maintain the colour of your teeth so the liquid bypasses the front of your teeth.

I even discovered that if you rub your teeth with the inside of banana peel, the natural minerals like potassium and magnesium absorb into your teeth and help whiten them. Yes, who would have thought?!

If you swirl your mouth with coconut oil for 15-20 minutes, you can get whiter teeth. TWENTY MINUTES… who can actually last even five minutes, let alone twenty? hmmmm

Mouth wash, gym, regular cleaning, regular dental checks… yes, these are all on the list too.

When it comes to teeth, they are one of the first things that people see first about you. No one wants ugly looking teeth, and everyone wants amazing looking teeth. But there is white, and then there is WHITE!


Yes, I could go down the path of these natural remedies, and stand in the bathroom swirling coconut oil for twenty minutes, and hope I achieve that Cameron Diaz smile. Ha! Who am I kidding.

Although not a total ‘quick instant fix’, this sure is going to be a lot easier (and quicker) than coconut and a banana. Get white teeth thanks to Love My Teeth . I am loving the before and after shots, and if only hopeful, my teeth are going to be just a little less yellow very soon.

Let’s get a little more white!

Brought to you by Love My Teeth

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