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mate v mate : I am raising awareness for cancer

mate v mate

This is a post by me as an Ambassador for Mate v Mate

When I was eighteen years old, in year twelve and completing my final exams, I was diagnosed with a melanoma. Mild at that, but it was still cancer. It scared me, but at the same time opened my eyes to how vulnerable I was. Because, you see, I have always been very fair. “Pasty white” as my brother likes to call me. And a simple mole, that had been there for years, began to change. Horribly.

In June it will be twelve years ago since I lost my grandmother to caner. But sometimes, it seems like only yesterday. And it was nearly twelve years ago that cancer hit my family like a tone of bricks. Shook us to the core and changed our life forever. It was then that I really began to learn about the awful, scary and horrific disease of cancer.

It is only because of my diagnoses that I regularly have skin check ups, send my husband for check ups, and cover my children, head to toe in sun suits and sun protection. And it is because my grandmother passed at an age too early, took me on a journey like no other, and opened up my eyes to the importance of life and its precious moments. The scary thing is, it was the loss of her that brought a greater appreciation into my life. It was her, it is her, that continues to inspire me today.

But it is not just I that has a story, or a tragedy to tell. Cancer is one of those illness that effects so many people, families and friends.

It is scary.

Women know all too much about checking their breasts, having regular pap smears, getting regular blood tests and ‘being aware’ of their bodies. But what about men?

mate v mate

Mate v Mate is here to help people, especially men, become aware. Mate V Mate is a Cancer Council NSW campaign aimed at encouraging men to challenge each other and raise money to fight cancer in men.

Mates are ‘challenged’ to challenge mates. Simply! Just give each other a challenge and go for it.

It’s a shocking statistic, but the fact is one in two men in Australia will be diagnosed with cancer by the time they’re 85. Put simply, that means it could be you or your best mate. That’s why Mate v Mate aims to bring best mates together to raise money for research that will help change the odds – and have some fun in the process.

Who knows what would have been different if I was more aware of cancer? But now, every year, I encourage my husband to get ‘tests’ and have that daunting check-up he so drastically dreads. But I tell him, sometimes we have to do certain things we don’t like to get to a bigger and better picture.

Mate V Mate week is March 16 – 24, 2013. This year is the first year. So come on! Talk to your husband, talk to your friend, talk to your family, talk to your mate, and together, we can fight the challenge of cancer in men.

For more information you can:
::Go to the Mate v Mate website here.

Have you been touched by cancer? What challenge would you set for your mate?

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  • Mrs Holsby

    My Dad’s side is/was riddled with cancer…’s actually freaky to rattle of who’s been lost to it and the many different invasive forms it has taken on.
    Stay vigilant,……it’s all you can do. x

  • Karen

    Our family got a cancer scare this year, my Dad who luckily was onto it with checkups found out he had cancer, early enough! Why is it so hard to get Men to take care of themselves! Great message. X Karen #teamIBOT

  • Ai Sakura

    another great cause shared today! thanks for raising the awareness :)

  • Emily @ Have a laugh on me

    I used to be a sun worshipper until I had kids and now I’m a total sun block freak! Great post :)

  • Becky from

    Thank you for sharing. I tell my husband to go get checks but he won’t. Even knowing that his father has cancer doesn’t make him go. I have always been fair, too, and have just started doing yearly skin checks.

  • EssentiallyJess

    Great post Tahlia. I’ve been meaning to go have a skin check up, but I might book one for both Boatman and myself now.

  • Me

    Thanks for this post and making more people aware of the dangers of the sun.
    Have the best day !
    #IBOT visitor

  • Ing

    I lost my cousin to cancer just 3 months ago, and he was only 45… It was heartbreaking. It’s great that you have this in Australia to raise awareness.

  • Veronica @ Mixed Gems

    I find it all too easy to be a bit blasé about it but none of us should. If I really ponder it, I don’t want it to be all too late before I pay attention. Thanks for the reminder. So important.

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