play room inspiration


As some of you may know I de-cluttered! Partly due to the wee-one on the way and also to create more space for my growing Little E.

The play room has been a long standing idea and concept but has never really eventuated… until now.

My creative genius hat is on! Inspiration is happening! And I am all thing creating a play space!

Functional! Cost-effective! Inspirational and fun fun fun

So I have been searching for ideas and here are some of my favourites…

i love the dr. seuss wall prints! Inspiration and fun! 


im wondering if and how I could make these felt boards?


good storage boxes are a must!

and i always said having a space to hang artwork is a must!


Do you have any play room tips or inspiration?

Linking up with the fabulous Tina for piquing pinterest fun xx

All these images plus loads more can be found at my pinterest boards.

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  • Andi S

    Those storage boxes look like a great idea and don’t look like they would be too hard to make either. Love it!