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It won’t be long until my little Charlie Bear goes to Prep. In fact, he’ll be there before I know it, so do be careful if you’re in the area! To say he’s excited is an understatement. He’s already packed his school bag, has put in a sandwich order with his kitchen staff, and has laid out his best eye patch and cutlass, because one can never be too careful when starting a new school.

The transition from Kindy to Prep is enormous, and most kids fare pretty well when it comes to the crunch. There will be occasions where things don’t go according to plan when their bravery wavers, and their composure slips. There may even be tears, some clinging and even a tummy ache or two, but by and large, these responses are quite normal and are to be expected.

Our job as Mummies is to support them through the transition as painlessly as possible, without too much or unnecessary disruption, and with as much love and encouragement as we can possible muster. They are relying on us to smile brightly, to promise them a wonderful time, full of new adventures and new friends, and to be there smiling and waving at the gate, when their first day is all over. They’re probably also relying on us to put something special in their new lunch boxes too, and a celebratory milkshake wouldn’t go a miss, but is not compulsory.

Many kids will be exhausted after the first days of Prep, and that exhaustion may continue well into the first term, which can be quite long, if you’re only small. It’s important not to overload them with activities and playdates, and to facilitate downtime wherever possible, so as to avoid responses like falling asleep during mat time and that horrible whining thing they do when they’re tired!

If they’re going to survive the first few weeks of big school, then they’re going to need all the nourishment they can get. You may find that they’re ravenous at the end of the day, that their lunches may need to be bolstered, or that they might need something to eat before they have the energy to tell you all about their day. Kids move about so much and so quickly that they’re burning high levels of energy constantly. That is only going to increase when they get on those monkey bars!

To all the mummies of Preppies out there, I wish you and your little ones good luck. And remember, it’s a Preppy’s job to come home dirty, tired and hungry, because that’s what happens when you’re busy having fun and learning lots. It’s our job mummies, to give them great big kisses and tell them how proud we are of them. Then to run the bath!

How did you and your kids survive the first days of Prep? Was it an easy transition into Big School? 

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  • Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me

    Actually my daughter was so excited about Prep and transitioned very easily – the first few weeks are very tiring but they soon fall into a routine. I can’t believe in just 4 weeks her first year will be over and she’ll be in Grade 1 – seems so much scarier than prep :(

  • Jodi Gibson

    Our youngest had her first transition day today. It was only an hour and she was a little overwhelmed at first but she managed to let me go and mingle with the parents in the staff room and settled in well. She was so excited last night but today it all seems real. She’s at kinder now, so can’t wait to talk to her to see how she really found it. We have three more transition sessions and then a full half day. Can’t believe my baby is a school girl!

  • Lizzy Allan

    My son’s in Year 3 now and it seems so long ago that he was starting kindy (I think that’s the same as prep – for four year olds?). I remember he was excited about going and playing with the other kids, but he would always come home exhausted and have a little nap after having something to eat. I thought he looked so big and grown up in his uniform, but now when I look back on those photos I realise how tiny he was! Wishing you and your little man all the best :) Love Lizzy @muddleheadedmamma

    • abi gold

      Time really does fly! My big ones call me “Little Mummy” now, cos they’re huge!
      Thanks for your good wishes. I’ll keep them in my back pocket for when I really
      need them. Abi x

  • Yellow_Dandy

    I am going to keep these tips in mind, it feels like so long until my kids start school, but I know it will be here before I know it! x Karen! #teamIBOT