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9 ways to relax and unwind

giving yourself permission

Can you remember the last time you relaxed and unwound? The days of when you could just take yourself off for a nice hot bath, a pedicure or manicure and just have that me time you so crave and need? Yep… I remember those days.

And I remember the days when relaxing seemed to be just so easy. These days, having a shower alone, without interruption, or without the worry that your child has scribbled crayons all over the walls seems so far fetched from reality. But because reality is reality, and life sometimes gets the better of us, finding time to relax and unwind seems to be harder. And therefore, something that needs to be planned.

1. Make yourself a warm cup of tea at a time you know there will be no interruptions. When the kids are having their day time naps, in bed for the evening, or maybe, dare I say it, at five o’clock in the morning before they get up (or coffee maybe?)

2. Have your nails done. Have your feet done.  Doing them both at the same time always is always more of the bargain, so of course you would get both, right?

3. Take yourself off for a spa bath. Yes, you know the one… The one where they give you the oh so lovely white, clean and fresh dressing gown, that all the other guests are wearing too, but you feel okay with it, not out of place because it is the whole experience of a dressing gown and day spa. And sometimes you get the matching slippers that really do nothing but add to the whole look and feel of the day spa experience. The best is when you grab one of those super cheap saver deals on-line Total bliss! *sigh*

4. Go for a walk. Whether it is around the block, around your local streets or park, or maybe down by the beach. Spring is here! Bring on the beach weather!

5. Have a night in playing scrabble with your partner, or any other game for that matter.

6. Pour yourself a good glass of pinot. Yes, I love my glass of red. A good red. A great red. There is sometimes nothing better then a nice glass of wine. Or if you are not into wine, scotch, vodka, cocktails…

7. Have a cuddle on the couch watching tv with the kids.

8. Do some gardening. Or plant some vegetables. Spring is here. It is the best time to get into the garden.

9. The ultimate, take yourself off for a weekend away. Or a trip around Paris or Italy. Dreaming big here, I know.

And it is when I am feeling like my batteries are low, my fuel tank is empty, and I am struggling up the hill with ‘I think I can, I think I can’, clicking over in my head, I ask myself, when was the last time I took time out for myself?

And maybe it is not about the regular weekly pedicures and manicures anymore. But those special times you can dedicate to yourself to experience a little relax and unwind time.

Because sometimes a little bath, a little steam bath, or a little time to ourselves is what brings us back to the world with more energy, more fire, more enthusiasm, and more fulfillment.

How do you relax and unwind?




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  • Francesca

    Great ideas! I tend to go for a walk/jog or curl up with a good book!

  • jeanie

    I love to beat everyone else out of bed and really revel in that solitude – unfortunately with a toddler who takes it to heart if you try to sneak out of the bed she has snuck into during the night and will call you on it the moment she notices, it is truly a perilous and precious time!!!

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