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It is one of those shows that I don’t know if I am embarrassed to admit I watch or if I am proud to be watching it. A few years ago I watched something similar {although partners did not switch} where couples went on through these ‘experiments’ and therapy sessions in the hope to rejuvenate and pull through their couple challenges. It was very interesting. Surprisingly, my husband even watched it. I remember very clearly an episode on gratitude and appreciation, something I feel I often battle with my partner {and myself}. The therapists encouraged one couple to write ‘post-it‘ notes around the house with words of gratitude. Since then, I have been receiving random acts of ‘post-it’ notes around the house. Let me tell you, it works.

A note on my computer in the morning: ‘Thank you for being a fabulous Mum’.

A note in the pantry : ‘I love you’.

A note in my bathroom: ‘Proud of you’. 

And so, I wasn’t surprised when Seven Year Switch came to our television and I became hooked. If you put the element of ‘switching’ aside for a minute {which I don’t fully understand the rationale of to tell you the truth}, there are very truthful learnings.

Learning to appreciate.

Learning to be strong.


For two weeks, couples are encouraged to reflect on themselves, their relationship and ask themselves what they can do differently. The truth is, we can often get clouded by our everyday life, struggles, challenges, business and family life where the ‘couple’ side of things can get forgotten. Sex… what is that?

But the truth is, like anything, couples need work, care and extraordinary nourishment to survive. Intimacy does not have to be sex, but maybe a hug or a cuddle to start. A post-it note or even a morning coffee brought to you in bed.

The truth is, there are roughly 50,000 divorces granted each year in Australia – perhaps also the reason why Prime lawyers for family law exists, and is eager to help. A scary number.  And I ask myself, why? My parents divorced when I was young. I experienced the horror of an ugly couple relationship {in the end} where my parents constantly fought thinking that most of the time my brother and I didn’t hear it. In many respects I hold this burden with me where I try my damnedest to do everything to be the best person, wife and couple. I and we can be. Everyday.

As much as the critics may mock the Seven Year Switch, there is truth.

Maybe we all need an opportunity to reflect, learn and appreciate a little more. Maybe?

Did you watch Seven Year Switch? What are your thoughts? 

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  • Bel @ Life at No.2

    I watched it too (not sure whether to be embarrassed or not too). I think you’re right, sometimes in this busy world of ours it’s easy to take each other for granted and not spend the time working on being together and remembering why you came together in the first place. Before we had children Hubby and I spoke for lengths at how we would also be the number one priority as a couple, we make sure we go out for dates or weekends away every few months. And if there is a problem we discuss it pretty quickly and set small goals for each other to get back to our happy place.