Family Life

sometimes tired is just how it goes


We have had sleepless nights

Little E has decided getting up in the middle of the night is a fun idea.

Not for her mummy and daddy let me tell you!

Tired is just how it is at the moment




And the vicious cycle of taking it all out on anyone is just how it goes.

Sometimes being tired is just how it is.

Being mum sometimes is just hard

Sleep you say…. where is the time?

A nice relax of sleep, reading, sleep, chill would be nice…

But we push on. Because that is what we have to do.

We keep on going. Because that is what we have to do.

But sometimes we just need time out, sleep and an opportunity to drop the kids off for a sleep over.

Sometimes tired is just how it is.


Is it just me, or are you feeling a little tired today? 


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  • mums the word

    I completely understand where you’re coming from.. after moving house two weeks ago I have had Bubbaroo getting into my bed most nights and sleeping with us.. Its exhausting, I feel like I have a newborn again!

  • Jen R

    Im really tired today too…actually nearly exhausted…needed a nanna nap but no time, my kids on hols now so there is lots to do!!

    • Tahlia

      yeh no nanna naps….totally get it! bed time becomes earlier i think!

  • Jodi Gibson @ Lipgloss Mumma (formerly The Scribble Den)

    I have good sleepers (soo thankful), and I am still tired all the time. I have begun to realise that I just need to accept it and keep on keeping on. x

    • Tahlia

      Or a few earlier nights? :) x

  • E.

    My kids are 8 and 13. I guess I cant really blame them for my tiredness anymore although Girl (8) will still come into our bed at least once a month. Or in hot weather she will come in to tell us that she has had a blood nose.

    I think my tiredness at this point is due more to me than them. I would however love to have them spend a night or so elsewhere. I’d miss them but I think I’d recharge and go back to a less grumpy mummy than I have been, lately.

  • Lasha

    I am glad to hear there is some relief to your pain thooguhrut the day. A question for you, which I ponder myself given that I am wide awake at 5am from too much coffee during the day. Is it better to be overly tired, despite long periods of sleep or unable to sleep because your body has too much energy, irrespective of whether that energy is naturally or artificially induced? My intuition is that this is entirely dependent on the context. If being awake means you are able to be productive, for instance writing a thesis, rather than getting aggravated by one’s own inability to fall asleep, then not being able to sleep seems not such a bad thing. But if the circumstance is one in which being awake is not productive and symptomatic of the experience of pain, then my preference would be to able to sleep. Also, I would have thought that if a person were unable to sleep at night then there is a strong likelihood that they would be extremely tired thooguhrut the day. Forgive me for the odd musing, but when I am jacked up on coffee at 5am my mind can operate in odd ways. On the plus side having a couple of strong cups of coffee yesterday morning resulted in one of the most productive days of writing in a long time. Also, I really like the fact that despite your tiredness there are a number of positives in your message. It is uplifting.