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Summer is almost here! And of course, that means SUN! For all those non-Melbourne folks, yes, we know you have been soaking up the spring sun for a while now. But down here, our sunshine has been rather temperamental & all so ‘uncommon’ throughout Spring. Fortunately for me (and my family) we are off to Noosa in a couple of weeks {two weeks to be precise}.

Noosa is hot, really hot. We spend our days at the beach & by the pool… and do not much else really. My kids have the fortunate {or unfortunate} advantage to have pasty white skin like me. This means, they burn really easily. I am constantly being the helicopter mum reminding & announcing to put sunscreen on & reapply.

Remember as a kid when your parent used to dress you in the sun suits that left you top-to-toe covered? Well, I was that kid. My brother used to always joke to my parents that that was the reason we are so pasty white {ha! and now the fact that my kids are too}. But, truth be told, we never did get burnt.

rashoodz swimwear

For me, summer is all about the beach, pool, lazy BBQ days & fun times in the sun. Summer is just generally good for everyone! Why?

☀ People eat more fruit :: Because our Australian fruit is just so damn good, who wouldn’t.

☀ Exercise becomes easier & more enticing :: It is just too easy to go outdoors & go for a walk.

☀ Takes the family outdoors :: Whether to the pool, the beach, the park… being outdoors just can not be denied.

☀ People are happier :: proven fact {i think}: Sunshine makes people happier

☀ Fun at the beach :: It is the simplest, most cost effective & often most enjoyable day EVER!

Fortunately, kids these days can enjoy the beach with parents feeling confident they are not going to get burnt. Rashoodz have an incredible range of sun protection gear to keep everyone happy, kids included. You can check out the entire range here.

And now you can enjoy Rashoodz too simply by sharing your best summer lovin’ ideas in the sun. This giveaway includes:

– 1 x short sleeve swimsuit

– 1 x reusable swim nappy

– 1 x pair of Rashoodz Shadez

Simply comment below and tell me your best summer lovin’ ideas in the sun to be in the running. 

Extra bits: Competition is open from now until Tuesday 25th November/ Gain an extra entry for sharing and ‘liking’ Rashoodz FB. Just leave me a message that you have done so/

And remember to still always apply sunscreen :) Good luck.

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  • Kylie Embury

    We love water play on a hot day. We cover up, get out the sprinkler, clam shell or waterplay table and have a ball! It was perfect when my 3 year old was younger, and he still loves it now. Even the teens get involved – usually leading to water fights and even more fun. I love Summer!

    • Kylie Embury

      I have ‘liked’ Rashoodz and shared too :-)

  • Sonya N.

    We go camping at Wilson’s Prom every summer and we like to set up a big beach tent on the beach so we can all get plenty of shade, and our kids love drawing in the sand with their fingers.

  • Gemma Westacott Blair

    We love the summer. The kids just love the beach. It’s such a simple, natural, healthy and fun thing to do. We usually explore any rock pools, searching for little crabs or shells etc, then head down to the waterside where we put up an umbrella and dig a big paddling pool hole and let the kids splash about and build sandcastles etc. Then, when the want a snack they slurp on a whole mango each. They love it, as they can get super messy but it’s not a worry as a quick dip washes everything off!

  • Gemma Westacott Blair

    Shared, shared, shared! (Can you tell that we love Rashoodz!?) And like Rashoodz on FB too. :)

  • Karina Lee

    Take the littles on for bush walks and hikes through national parks and beaches. You are never too young to start!

  • Lisa

    My bub is eating real food this year so I can’t wait to see how he goes with frozen fruit on the 40 degree days! I can’t like rashoodz on fb because I already follow them. We have one of their rashy suits and a couple of swim nappies already but thunder thighs is getting too big for them. I can very highly recommend them. They have been so great!

  • Author Bek Mugridge

    Being sun savvy is SO so important! While my kids are too big for these, they look great X

  • Renee at Mummy, Wife, Me

    Our best summer lovin idea is to take a tent to the beach. It give so much extra sun protection for the kids if they want to take a break from playing in the sand or water, they can eat their lunch in there and it allows you to extend your time on the beach that little bit longer :) #teamIBOT

  • Sarah Ferguson

    Our best summer loving idea is setting up a nice shady spot on the beach. Splash and play with the dog. Then walk along the sand and rock collecting sea treasures, followed by a fresh batch of fish and chips. Love it!!!
    Like FB and Share ;-)

  • Olivia

    Making my own water slide in the backyard and eating home made icy poles with gummy bears in them

  • vkmason

    My little ones love to get into their bathers and jump on the trampoline – Dad squirts them with the hose or we put the sprinkler underneath for some cooling down, the lawn gets a drink at the same time. Fantastic summer time fun!

    • vkmason

      Shared on twitter and I like Rashoodz on facebook too.

  • Ali

    We live in Sunny Qld, on beautiful Bribie Island. Our best summer lovin’ idea is to get out and about while the air is still cool! We have our fun in the sun in the wee hours of the morning – it’s not unusual to find us at the beach before 7am! The temperature climbs quickly during the day, but we can enjoy the cool morning air and sun without burning to a crisp! It’s also nice and quiet, and really peaceful. Our kids love jumping out of bed and going straight down to the beach! Of course, we always slip-slop-slap!

    I also liked the Rashoodz page on FB :-)

  • Caroline Kelly

    Treasure hunt for certain shaped or coloured shells at the beach, picnics and nature walks and making healthy ice treats (frozen bananas on pop sticks, frozen fruit juice into iced treat on a stick).

  • Karly

    We’re an hour from the beach so instead we head to the public pool. There’s an indoor pool and outside pool so we alternate between the two so as not to get sun burnt.

  • Karly

    p.s. I like Rashoodz Swimwear on FB ad shared the page with friends

  • Beksmum

    Living in Darwin its hot, very hot, we have a huge umbrella that goes over our pool, so we can still swim in the middle of the day and not have to work about getting burnt (but always with sunscreen)