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    17 fun things to do at home with the kids


    I recently read a fantastic article on what to do with the kids before turning on the tv.. it got me thinking about how often I put on the tv because I may be too tired or too lazy to organise an activity. Or simply not feeling creative to do something different. So the tv will go on. guilty! Especially when I am trying to feed the young baby or prepare dinner.

    My goal for this year is to do more arts and crafts. And that is exactly what we have been doing. With wonderful success of at least one hours silence and entertainment. But there are also more simple things to do and sometimes less messy. So adding onto the above list, why not:

    1. Create a masterpiece out of stickers
    2. Turn on some music – and have a dance
    3. Sing songs
    4. Plant some herbs outside
    5. Do a painting
    6. Paint your nails
    7. Ride your bike
    8. Build blocks up high
    9. Make some muffins
    10. Do a puzzle
    11. Sort the toy buckets
    12. Play dress ups
    13. Make play doh
    14. Build a marble run
    15. Fill a bucket with water and wash some toys
    16. Pick some flowers from the garden
    17. Create a masterpiece

    There is so much you can do with your imagination, creativity and play. Play is the best form of learning for children. The building blocks for their future. A simple tablecloth can be used as a tent, a cubby, a ‘pick a boo’ scarf, or maybe a superhero cape! It is amazing what children can do with their imagination and a little guidance along the way.

    What are your fabulous things to do at home? 

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