17 fun things to do at home with the kids


I recently read a fantastic article on what to do with the kids before turning on the tv.. it got me thinking about how often i put on the tv because i may be too tired or too lazy to organise an activity. Or simply not feeling creative to do something different. So the tv […]

how to make paper mache easter pinatas

easter egg piñata

I am loving all the easter inspiration at the moment. Everyone is really getting into the crating spirit and not just focusing on the easter eggs. I mean, we all love chocolate, but there is so much fun that can be made from simple crafting activities. And long after the actual weekend and festivities as […]

5 creative craft ideas

cardboard car

The day my daughter turned two was the day her imagination & creativity began to shine. Maybe there were glimpses of this trait within her earlier, & I am pretty sure there was, but it was from the two-year old stage onward that I noticed more. She would take herself off to draw, go to […]

DIY: Valentines Day Love

valentines day cupcakes

For some, Valentine’s Day is about getting those beautiful red roses, box of chocolates, and a lovely romantic evening with your partner. A day for just the two of you. But for others, it can be a little more. I have collected some of the best DIY crafting love ideas, that not only could you […]

colourful play: how to dye pasta

how to dye pasta

Being a little addicted to Pinterest lately, I have discovered some amazing things, wonderful things really. And one of my discoveries I will share with you today. When I stumbled upon the idea and then the instructions by A Little Delightful, I was gobsmacked how easy it was. I thought I was going to have […]

Santa’s beard advent calendar

santa calendar

Although I don’t celebrate christmas, I am getting into the Christmassy feeling and loving the wonderful Christmas craft ideas I am finding. When I saw this on Pinterest I realised I had to share it, because, I know so many of you (and your children) will love it.   Although I found it on Pinterest, […]