stepping into life

which way is the arrow pointing; which way to go? (photo by Martin Talbot)

This was one of my first posts. It is always interesting to revisit what you have previously written. I may write a little differently now but I thought this was one to revisit and bring back to light.  *** It was only the other day that a couple came to me asking me how they […]

an experiment


Some things just never go to plan. No matter how hard you try. Some times we can work at it, persist at it, try and try and then.. well… it just does not work. It took 4 cakes to get to the perfect cake. That is right…. FOUR!!! I was not going to give up! […]

when change comes rolling in


There will be a new look very very soon. A fresh new look. A little glitz, a little glam, and a great new change. Aristotle once said, “Change in all things is sweet.” Ohh this is going to be sweet sweet. But sometimes change can be a little challenging. I have to admit, I am a […]

learn how to live a free and happy life

Today’s post is by the fabulous Caz from Mojito Mother. She was kind enough to put her hand up to be the first guest poster for the parenting files.   If you really want to know how to live a happy and free life, spend time with a child. Make sure you are fully engaged […]