doing a little something for your partner


My girlfriend reminded me of something the other day. She reminded me of the importance of doing something a little bit extra for your partner – something they don’t expect, something that will give them an opportunity to say “thank you”. She packed her husband’s running gear. Ok, it doesn’t sound much. But when he […]

roses all year round

valentine's day

My latest column for 3000Melbourne Magazine is out. When my husband comes home from work with flowers, I am instantly transformed into a more calm, peaceful and serine individual. Somehow it is the gift of giving, the feeling of ‘he thought about me’, and the love I receive in that moment. And then from that […]

how i met my husband and Happy New Year


This post is sponsored by The newest way to find love is online. Forget about friends introducing you, or meeting in a bar, the night club dance floor, or even at the school yard drop off zone. Now, love can be found from the comfort of your own home. And guess what, that is […]

bringing back the spark


Do you ever feel that stagnating feeling within your relationship? That feeling where nothing seems to be changing, the excitement is diminishing, dare I say, the love -making is on the downhill spiral, and it just feels like one day becomes the next? Relationships are hard work. They are not easy. Like a garden that […]

How to have couple time when there is no couple time


Between work, children, parenting and everyday life’s demands, finding the time to be with your other half some how seems to slip by the way side. So often I hear couples, especially new parents, discuss the frustration of not having enough time to be with their partner and spend that quality time they both crave. […]