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A collaboration with The Good Xmas Trail

I don’t want to alarm you, but Christmas is almost here! Like HERE! Unless you have been living in a little cave and avoiding the shopping areas {like me}, you can’t help feel the Christmas vibe and cheer.

Some of you may know, or not know, about my business Kakadu Plum Co. Since starting this business, just over twelve months ago, the importance of being able to give back holds true in my heart and soul. I have found the impact that my business can make to be something truly personally rewarding and humbling. I heard a podcast not too long ago during which the CEO of a business mentioned that businesses “have the ability to make a difference.”

Christmas time is all about giving, right? These days, however, gift purchasing doesn’t necessarily have to be endured through the chaos of shopping centres and stores. When I found out about The Good Xmas Trail I was not only inspired by the amazing social enterprise businesses we have in Australia, but that there is now a ‘one-stop-online-shop’* to help you tackle all your Christmas shopping, in the most conscientious way…. Last minute shopping too.

Here are few examples that caught my eye, and heart:

PepperGreen Farm is a social enterprise that provide fresh delicious meals delivered to your home or work place. This is a great gift for time poor families, elderly, new mums or to gift even yourself with a night off from cooking duties… and we all need that every now and then! What makes these guys special is that they enable people suffering disadvantage or struggling disability to enhance their life outcomes through open employment, training and other opportunities

Body Safety Australia addresses the vital issue of child sexual abuse in a number of ways, one of which is by selling hand-made finger puppets that are used by children and their parents as a fun and memorable way to identify the ‘safe ‘ adults in a child’s life. Amazing! And the good doesn’t end there because the puppets themselves are ethically sourced from Brazil and provide a steady income for marginalised women.

I created Kakadu Plum Co. to bring Australia’s native superfoods to the plates of everyday Australians and the world while creating a positive impact that gives back to Aboriginal communities, farmers and the Australian native food industry as a whole. It’s humbling to be a part of the amazing Australian social sector and, although not this year, I am truly excited to hopefully be a part of The Good Xmas Trail next year

When it comes to Christmas, the choices of ethically sourced gifts that make an impact through YOUR purchase is not quite endless, but there are quite a few ways you can do good when you buy and give gifts. The Good Xmas Trail offers up some excellent guidance and demonstrates just how easy it is to make a difference this Christmas and leave an extra helping of ‘good will’ and impact along the way.

Some other awesome businesses that may inspire your gift purchases include:

Charcoal Lane – An Australian inspired menu that promotes training and employment outcomes for young Aboriginal men and women.

The Legend Project – Use sports to tackle homelessness. Impact the homeless community now.

The Good Beer Co. – Australia’s first social enterprise beer company that works with Australian craft brewers to brew beers that they sell to raise money for social and environmental causes.

Care Gifts – Do a world of good, helping save lives, fight world poverty and achieve social justice around the world.

The Welcome Committee – purchase a welcome mat this Christmas and help support asylum seekers.

All these amazing projects can be found on The Good Xmas Trail website here.

So, what impact do you think you can make this Christmas?  

*It’s not actually a shop, per se, but the Good Xmas Trail provides all the guidance and inspiration you’ll need to decide which Social Enterprise shop you actually want to buy from.

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